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Started by: staciesnowden
On: 21/08/2014 | 04:09
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by: lufina
on: 03/01/2017 | 09:05

@nat9319 Plz don't try to deal with ur friend on ur own. You've got far to much to deal with yourself. Just plz try get him some help   He's obviously crying out for it. But you can't possibly take it on alone. God forbid if he tries again and succeeds you'd have to live with the guilt forever and that wouldn't be fair. So be his friend but also get help from the "Pro's!" 

Good luck sweetie. I really hope he'll be ok xx 

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by: nat9319
on: 03/01/2017 | 11:05
Well, long story short, my friend's ex has stopped him from seeing his son (Not even a call or a pic on Xmas), so I decided to drive to his ex's house & explain the situation to her & she's agreed to let him see their son today, I've just dropped them off.

I just hope he can handle it when they leave, but I know he's happy right now...

He's waiting for a local talking therapy centre to contact him back with his first appointment - Being a small independant group means they're overbooked a lot & things take time, but it should be sorted soon, hopefully.

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by: varun1234
on: 03/01/2017 | 11:21
Sorry I haven't had any internet 2 come on the forums buh yh I'm ok thnk u hope u r 2. I've had some ups and downs buh I've had support of my friends and I'm ok n I'm still here today so that's a gd sign I guess. Hope u had a lovely Christmas and new years
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by: frenchielove
on: 03/01/2017 | 11:26

Good thing to do @nat9319 but I agree with the others, your friend needs professional help or family but in any case, not just you. You cannot deal with this all on your own. X

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by: nat9319
on: 03/01/2017 | 12:01
Course it's a good sign @varun1234, we've missed you, hope you had an awesome Xmas & New Year too πŸ˜‰

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by: lufina
on: 03/01/2017 | 12:37
Awww glad you managed to have a chat with your friends ex and got her to agree that he can see his boy! No parent should be kept away from their child unless there's violence involved. You done good Nat πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜xx lol xx
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by: bazthebear2
on: 03/01/2017 | 16:03
Awful illness it is a silent killer.
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by: staciesnowden
on: 04/01/2017 | 20:21

happy new year my friends. 

did u all have a good christmas and new year. 

Im sorry I've not been here much, been busy Smiley Sad 


Anyone found my marbles????
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by: frenchielove
on: 04/01/2017 | 20:25

Happy new year @staciesnowden good that youve been busy, its not a bad thing. Hope you and your family are well x

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by: staciesnowden
on: 04/01/2017 | 20:29
pardon!!!! This thread has helped so many. and you say don't read any of it! most of the people here have helped one another. I don't mean to snap, but if that's how you feel then unsubscribe from MY THREAD! please & thanx
Anyone found my marbles????
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