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Started by: staciesnowden
On: 21/08/2014 | 04:09
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by: nat9319
on: 26/12/2016 | 23:50
Me & @islasdad usually share a good few PMs every week, but I've had some stuff going on myself this month & I've kept off the forums quite a bit.

- I've just checked & I haven't even replied to his last PM from 2 weeks ago, I know he's going through a tough time so now I feel like a douche for not replying to him...

I've been so absorbed with my own problems that I didn't even think about asking my friend how he was doing...

Just hope he's okay...

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by: andyslc
on: 27/12/2016 | 16:51
Don't worry too much @nat9319. He was very busy helping people out on the forums on 23rd so it's not like he's vanished.

No sense in beating yourself up about not replying. It's easy to miss stuff when heads are full of our own problems. We've all done it.
Veni vidi dormivi
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by: staciesnowden
on: 28/12/2016 | 02:15

Im so confused!
I do not understand LIFE!
The older u get, the harder life becomes!

And time, u just blink n WWWHHoOoOoOoOoSsSH......

A new year already gone, just like that!! 


I dont wanna get old! Lol times running out. 





It wont b long, and it'll be CHRISTMAS again. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Oooh January sales time. SSSHOOOOOOPING TIME! 

Lol. Best start buyin pressies for nxt christmas, looool Smiley WinkSmiley WinkSmiley WinkSmiley WinkSmiley WinkSmiley Wink



How was everyone's christmas?!?

What did you all get?


Anyone found my marbles????
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by: naughtybadboy
on: 28/12/2016 | 03:26

U r never alone u r loved by close family and friends so when ur feeling down it helps to talk to someone as if anything bad were to happen I would be sadly missed by those who do care

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by: alantony1
on: 30/12/2016 | 11:51
Good afternoon @frenchielove i to have been thinking about varun1234 not heard from her for a while hope you had a good Christmas all i wanted was to wish you and your loved ones a good new year. Alantony1
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by: alantony1
on: 30/12/2016 | 11:55
Hello @lufina hope you had a good Christmas. Just wanted to say we me and nicky hope you have a good new year. Hope it's not been to difficult for you. Please take care. Alan Nicky
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by: frenchielove
on: 30/12/2016 | 12:28

Thank you @alantony1 a Happy New Year to you and yours x

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by: lufina
on: 30/12/2016 | 20:33

@alantony1 & Nicky 😘 Thanks for ur message guys. I'm doing ok. Had a few "moments" obviously!  It's gonna happen - specially over the holidays.  Had a hard day with mikes family Xmas day. His niece is so ungrateful.  Speaks to her nana and mother like crap ( saying drop dead things of that nature 😡)  she can't be thankful for things around her. She expected more pressie wise - and told us so!!  We're like hang on ur 22 with a baby who we've all bought for and once u have a kid that's what happens!! But apparently not to her lol. Wanted to punch her soooo bad. Lol. Just glad when the day was over. Lol. 

Anyway my friends I hope you and yours had a lovely day?? Did u get to see ur granddaughters?  Xxx 

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by: islasdad
on: 31/12/2016 | 00:55

Many thanks to all you who've asked after me, I'm ok, I simply hate this time of year and need to hide away... I can't cope with all the forced jollity and happy everything... it just does my head. I hope it wasn't too horrible for anyone else.

I will prob not be around too much in New Year cos I gotta pack my house & find somewhere to live... The landlady has finally realised I have legal right to proper notice, so i have a roof over my head til Feb 4th...

Happy New Year to EVERYONE
lets all be nice eh?
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by: nat9319
on: 31/12/2016 | 01:06
Hey buddy @islasdad 😉

I hid away too, gonna have a very hard day later...

4 years since her death... Dunno what I'll do...

Anyways, glad you've got a home for a while longer & that you're okay, look after yourself matey 😉

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