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Electric cars

Started by: tinawilliams0410
On: 14/10/2018 | 10:09
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by: nefarius
on: 14/10/2018 | 13:10

@slarti wrote:

@davidevans0000@ wrote

it's out of your price range.

Well you could always buy a 2nd hand Nissan leaf


They start from about £6,000

New ones are from £25,000 which is about the same as a similar spec petrol car.


That's a brilliant idea @slarti 👍


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by: nefarius
on: 14/10/2018 | 13:14 edited: 14/10/2018 | 13:18

I have to resign. I keep getting @mention by someone who keeps a journal on me 😱

I hope you found my information useful @tinawilliams0410

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by: ianxo
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:47 edited: 14/10/2018 | 15:49

You raise important questions here @tinawilliams0410...

...Lithium is, comparatively, a rare earth element and is extracted through mining which of course, has an negative environmental impact and are we seriously going to destroy yet more of the environment to extract enough Lithium to fuel cars for an increasingly affluent middle class in formally impoverished countries...

...the technology for the use of hydrogen, as a fuel for vehicles, has still to be perfected with regard its safety, so that it can be rolled out for the use by the public and of course, would need the filling station infrastructure to support its use...’s a novel about the upgrading and maintenance of a public transport system that’s subsidised through tax and so, is available to everyone at reasonable prices and is designed to meet the needs of individuals and families traveling in the 21st century...

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by: busman1
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:57
i’m wondering where i would charge mine as live in a flat, no drive way etc
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by: gillbromley129
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:02

I thought electric cars were a bit naff then I parked alongside a Tesla in Aldi and OMG it changed my opition, it was gorgeous with a pure white leather interior.

I googled it when I got home, just the £79K......


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by: slarti
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:27

@gvmhb wrote:

Electric cars may be the future, but they ain't gonna save the planet.
Overall they may save 20% of carbon emissions from cars over petrol/diesel with current technology.
This much could easily be saved by keeping i/c powered cars with a few restrictions and for a great deal less cost.

Anyway, 20% is peanuts.
Climate change is out of control and electric cars will make very little difference Smiley Frustrated

The 20% saving of carbon emissions is using out of date numbers, for the UK and was based on oil fired power stations and so is pessamistic to start with. Our fossil/renewable mix is improving every month, and so the % saving is also improving.


20%, of itself, is not peanuts, it is 1/5th of the total. But it also improves city air quality.

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by: slarti
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:37

@davidevans0000 wrote:

@slarti wrote:

@davidevans0000 wrote:

it's out of your price range.

Well you could always buy a 2nd hand Nissan leaf


They start from about £6,000

New ones are from £25,000 which is about the same as a similar spec petrol car.

@slarti no thanks I know somebody with a Nissan leaf and he has had a lot of trouble with it. I wouldn't want an electric car unless it cost around £8.000 brand new.

The 2 people that I know with Leafs ahve had no problems with them, one for 3 years the other for 2.

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by: slarti
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:42

@darrenperfett wrote:

Biggest problem for majority of people apart from cost of electric vehicles etc ,is somewhere to park it ,to able to charge it


Well as over 60% of homes have offroad parking that is not as big a problem as you think.


Plus, also, one of the people I know with a leaf uses it mainly for commuting and charges it once a week when they do their shop at Lidl, where there are chargers in the car park. When they do a long journey (Surrey to the Scottish Borders) they plan their 2 meal/comfort brakes so that they can get a top up while they are stopped. Journey time is the same as it was with petrol.

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by: davidevans0000
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:51
tesla 3 cost when available in the UK in 2019 £35.000 maximum range 220 miles is it a bargain anybody going to treat themselves. @slarti the person I know has said he had a lot of trouble to do with the batteries and electrical got so bad he traded it back into Nissan and bought a petrol car had to take a massive hit with its trade-in value.
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by: contro
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:58

Personally, I can't see it working till we (Richard Branson) starts mining and bringing back Helium 3.

Then we won't even need fracking.


It's viable at 3billion per shuttle load so they say 

Try Google? 😁 

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