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Started by: aishaislam
On: 30/01/2011 | 16:33
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by: aishaislam
on: 30/01/2011 | 16:33

Hey everyone.

I need to hand out a survey for people of all ages/backgrounds/genders so I can use the answers to help me with my essay. It would be largely appreciated if you replied with answers to the following questions.

Thank you :smileyvery-happy:


1) How does your language change when you are with someone of your own age, someone younger than you, and someone older than you?

2) Have you ever been told off or questioned about the way you speak? If yes, please state what they are and why you use them.

3a)Are there any words that you use when talking that is not in the English vocabulary?

4) How does your spoken language change when you’re in different moods? Do you tend to change your tone of your voice?

5) If your accent fits into a particular stereotype, please say how you think this effects your personality and how people may judge you.


6) Do you think your language has changed within the last 3 years

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by: thsn2k10
on: 30/01/2011 | 16:42

1) Depends who they are to me, and how well I know them. E.g. Are they teachers, freinds, elder relatives, parents. The level of respect I have in my language and tone of voice varies.


2) Sometimes, for swearing :-P (Not that I'm proud).


3) Ain't, innit


4) My tone usually stays the same, it's how much or what I say that varies. When I'm angry or frustrated I tend to speak less, when I'm happy I speak more.


5) I don't think it fits into any stereotype, it's just sometimes the language used does. (e.g. innit, ain't). People may judge me to be of a lower class (in different respects) and less intelligent because of it.


6) I have a wider vocabulary and I make use of it more.

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by: khairul
on: 30/01/2011 | 16:42
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by: sinead_d
on: 30/01/2011 | 16:48

Hi folks


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