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Family members, friends, neighbours, torchured, murdered,

Started by: evr301265
On: 04/02/2019 | 04:22
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by: evr301265
on: 04/02/2019 | 04:22

They come to this country,


And this happens to them,

A country that prides itself on being able to welcome those abused, those who face discrimination, torchure,


Family of bullied Syrian boy forced to move after threats

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by: andath
on: 04/02/2019 | 14:14 edited: 04/02/2019 | 18:53

They are asylum seekers and not economic migrants


There is still a war on in Syria, and even when it eventually comes to an end, the tyrant that many Syrians fled from is still in charge.

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by: evr301265
on: 04/02/2019 | 14:41 edited: 04/02/2019 | 18:52

There's a difference between economic migration, and those leaving behind torchure, rape, violence, discrimination,

A point also made out by "andath"

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