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Favourite luxury car brand?

Started by: knotquitetoplan
On: 29/12/2016 | 20:33
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by: knotquitetoplan
on: 29/12/2016 | 20:33

There are now so many to choose from. Which floats your boat? 

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by: dartgirl
on: 29/12/2016 | 20:39
Robin Reliant with a 3 litre Engine.👍
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by: knotquitetoplan
on: 29/12/2016 | 20:42
@dartgirl lol. That would fly literally i think. A scary ride. Someone i used to know kept landing his in bushes and through field gates instead of going round the corners
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by: frenchielove
on: 29/12/2016 | 20:44

Im not really into cars, sorry, as long as it has four wheels and goes. However, Im partial to the Toyota Rav, or the Grand Cherokee

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by: 7whales
on: 29/12/2016 | 21:20

Lexus, as in RX350 SUV with 300 hp. Won't happen, too big for us.


Possibly next year, a 2017 Ford Mustang, V-6 engine (last year for the V-6, it's rumored).

Smaller engine then my very first car, a new 1966 Mustang with a 289 small V-8, four speed stick shift. Loved it.


Gonna go out the way I started. Maybe.  Smiley Wink



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by: nat9319
on: 29/12/2016 | 21:23
Mercedes... They float my boat, if I didn't have one though it'd be one of them posh Toyotas, I've wanted a Lexus for years... They just ooze quality to me.

My dream car is a Lexus (LFA) 😉
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by: saadk12
on: 29/12/2016 | 21:48
ford mustang
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by: jadil
on: 29/12/2016 | 23:03

Audi Q7

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by: busman1
on: 29/12/2016 | 23:16
got be some old ones, love the old jags
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by: messengerofthegods
on: 29/12/2016 | 23:22 edited: 29/12/2016 | 23:29

dartgirl wrote:

Robin Reliant with a 3 litre Engine.👍

What's a Robin Reliant? Are they like Corsa Vauxhall, Ka Ford, Polo Volkswagen or Sandero Dacia????

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