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The Fall Of Humankind

Part One

The following is the essence of a teaching by the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris Aug/Sept 2007: ‘If there were no darkness in your world, the light of Sun, Moon and stars would be invisible to you and you would have no idea of their existence. And without having walked in the darkness of not knowing God’s true nature and your own, feeling so frightened, lonely and desperate about the state of your world that you got down to your knees and called for help from somewhere, you would never have realised that there is much more to you and your earthly existence than you ever thought possible, and that there is world of spirit in which Angels and Masters and other spirit friends and helpers have for a long time been waiting for your call.

‘Our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and has designed a great plan for the whole of life and also for your life. These plans are unfailing and nothing and nobody in the whole of Creation will ever be able to interfere with their unfolding. Nothing is outside the will and power of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the same as out of the reach of the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, the Goddess. The Angelic hierarchy is the executor of all plans and responsible for all of them. they are the Highest Forces of life who never allow the reigns of God’s Creation to slip out of their hands.

‘Whatever happens in your world is part of the Divine plan and that includes the major catastrophes it has experienced. One of the finest examples for this is the Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction of the dinosaurs. It took place approx. sixty-six million years ago and marked the end of that period, when all dinosaur groups except the neornithine birds were wiped out. The Plesiadapiformes contain the ancestor species of all primates, therefore humankind’s. These forms of life first appeared soon after about three-quarters of plant and animal species, including most dinosaurs, had been removed from the Earth. It happened because one chapter of Mother’s Earth’s development was closing and a new one was opening.

‘The Earth has seen many golden ages. Every twenty-six thousand years a new great unfoldment of all your planet’s inhabitants takes place. The dinosaurs were wiped out to prepare for the birth of humankind. Each one of you has the power to ensure that no disasters of this nature will ever be necessary again. Our bringing of ever more of God’s light in the form of His/Her sacred wisdom and truth places the instrument for making your contribution to this into everybody’s own hands. The more you share the knowledge we are bringing you with those around you, the more of the Christ light enters not only the cells of your own physical body but also those of Mother Earth’s physical manifestation. This speeds up the vibrations of the light she is made of and through this she becomes increasingly etherealised.

‘The Legend of the sinking of Atlantis was written by the Greek philosopher Plato, 428/427 or 424/423 BC to 348/347 BC. He received his inspiration from the Angels, the same as everybody and that on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds from each other. The Atlantic story is an allegory of the disastrous effects the abuse of power when used for selfish purposes can have. But even if the place had ever existed, its disappearance would have been part of God’s plan. The same applies to what once was presented to your world through the Abrahamic religions as ‘The Fall of Humankind’. It is another event that is but a metaphor, in this case for humankind’s appearance on the Earth. This development could only start when the planet’s evolution had progressed sufficiently to be ready for the creation of a new and very special species. In the fullness of time each one of the members of this race would develop the qualities and characteristics, including the intelligence of their Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. And it would take a long time until they were to become aware that in truth they are God’s beloved children of the Earth.

‘This process started very quietly when the Angels introduced sparks of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights, into the cells and atoms of the physical bodies of a type of animal that had already evolved for this purpose. From the word go the spark would be reaching out and attuning itself to the heavenly light of its Creator and begin to grow. The evolutionary plan for this new species provided that after a while they commenced to walk upright and get around on two feet. This freed their hands adapting themselves to their environment. After millions of years in Earth terms many of these creatures would have reached the end of their earthly education.

‘Encouraged by the religions of their world, the first stage of their curriculum would consist of plundering and raping the planet of its resources. However, in the end during the final phase of their earthly education every one of them would evolve into the planet’s guardians and caretakers. The tests and trials that are presently coming your way are part of your final examination and the way you are handling them are showing the wise ones in charge of you in our world whether you are ready to be released from the need for further lifetimes on the Earth. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are doing all we can to help you work your way through the obstacles that are coming your way.

‘In the run-up to the previous golden age, around twenty-six thousand years ago, many who are now residing permanently in our world took advantage of the opportunities that are always available for everybody at special times like these. There have been many of them since the human race appeared on the scene to assist Mother Earth with the next stage of her evolution. Should yours have been and maybe still is a particularly trying lifetime, stop grumbling and rejoice. If you play your cards right, the end of your need for further earthly lifetimes could be much nearer than you may think possible at the moment. On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world, you agreed to their proposal of this particular pathway. You did this because at that time you knew that we would be with you, and that, from the spiritual background of your existence, we would support and encourage you as much as we are allowed to do. The most difficult part was helping your earthly self to become aware of our presence and good intentions.

‘It is for three reasons why human beings choose particularly difficult lifetimes. The first one is that you are an old and experienced soul and you are strong enough to tackle just about anything that comes your way. Second, the pathway you chose will allow you to attend to every one of your karmic debts, hopefully even the most ancient ones. Third, by the time the end of your present earthly sojourn comes round in the natural course of events, you will be so fed up with struggling that you are not going to find it unnecessarily difficult to give of your best to conclude this part of your spiritual development. In that case, as soon as your physical body has been returned to Mother Earth, which happens for everybody when the purpose of their present lifetime has been fulfilled, you will be released into continuing your studies on the next higher level of your personal evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Our task is to help you become aware of these things, so that you can take advantage of what is on offer to you, if you so wish. We hope that you will seize it and in the not too distant future join us, maybe in our beginner’s group. You will be made very welcome, whether you do or do not attach yourself to this group. And you are sure to be surprised about how many of us are well known to you from previous lifetimes on the Earth.

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The Fall Of Humankind – Part Two

Evolution Is The Law Of Life

This is the continuation of yesterday's message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘The Spirit of the Universal Christ is the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights. From Its light every cell and atom in the whole of the physical world was created by a loving thought, will and power of the Creator or God, the Great Father of all life. It was brought into manifestation through his companion and counterpart, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Goddess or Great Mother of all life. The supreme Universal laws are love and evolution, cause and effect. Because the Christ light contains them, so does everything that comes into being throughout the whole of Creation, on all its levels. And that’s why all lifeforms have always been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral that winds itself around the spiritual mountain of life. The Divine Trinity is at its top.

‘Naturally, this is also true for every cell and atom of your physical body and, even though they are invisible to your earthly eyes, your spirit/soul. Because of this every part of your being has followed its inner urge to develop and grow. The same applies to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of the Earth. Deep within the cells of every creature the Divine spark steers the course of its evolutionary journey and what kind of a being it will eventually be. We who are living and working in the spiritual background of earthly life are no exception. The only difference between you and us is that we are dwelling in bodies of a different kind that allow us to freely move around our world. Several different bodies are also worn by each one of you underneath the outer shell of your physical body, the temporary vehicle you require for getting around on the Earth. Your inner bodies are of a different density and the more highly evolved you become, the more they will be filling with the light of the Christ Star. This process gradually allows you to explore the higher and later even the highest levels of life.

‘The original idea of the prototype for each species is programmed into the cells of its physical body, as soon as the first ones appear, for example in the womb of human or animal mothers. That’s how on every level of its being the new creature slowly starts to grow. Its first task is building itself an earthly personality. So that through learning from its own experiences it grows in wisdom and understanding and its consciousness expands, every so often it has to spend of lifetime on planet Earth. Starting at the lowest point of its development, the result is a crude and unevolved human being. Without hesitation it carries out the lowest and most deprived drives and urges that enter its mind and goes around hurting, maiming and killing whatever is not to its liking.

‘This is how, with the passing of time, large amounts of negative Karma are being built up during the early stages for humankind’s earthly education. They are stored in the memories of the spirit’s soul, as if they hade been written with an indelible ink. In due course every bit of these karmic debts will have to be redeemed by the one who created them. That takes place as soon as the earthly self has evolved sufficiently to be strong enough to carry the burden of this self-created cross.

‘Because of the Universal laws God’s justice is so perfect and fair that it is initially hard to imagine in earthly life. But with their help every creature in the course of countless lifetimes gradually evolves into a perfect manifestation of the creative idea that once was born in the heartmind of the Great Father. For human beings this means a whole and holy son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother, i.e. one in whom the opposing forces of masculine/feminine, positive/negative, higher and lower nature have been healed into one. Instead of working against each other, the way they did for a long time in the past, they are then working together and supporting each other. Peacefully and harmoniously, with kindness and love they respond to each other the way God and Goddess are doing.

‘The main Universal law of interest in this connection is the one of cause and effect, also known to your world as the law of Karma. This law decrees that every action causes a reaction and that everything in the whole of Creation will eventually be drawn back to its source. The effect of this is a homing instinct which ensures that nothing and nobody can ever be truly lost in the vastness of the Universe’s space and timeless existence. Every cell and atom anywhere, including those of your physical body and the bodies worn underneath, are made from the same material, the Christ light and are therefore programmed with the homing instinct. That undoubtedly is the most essential part of every spirit/soul’s travelling equipment, which throughout its earthly lifetimes expresses itself as a constant deep inner longing and yearning for the spirit world, humankind’s true home.

‘Your earthly self could be craving for the home of your childhood and your earthly mother even though they were particularly painful and disappointing experiences for you. It may take you a while before it dawns on you that your spirit/soul through the world of your feelings has been trying to comfort you through becoming aware that your longing is for your true home and mother, the spirit realm and the Great Mother of all life. If this is happening to you, it’s a sure sign that your spiritual nature is stirring from its slumber. For you the time has come to find out about God’s true nature and your own, that is God is as much part of you as you are of God. To your amazement you discover that you are a spark of the Divine and that all God’s powers and characteristics are also in you.

‘You will get to know that human beings have been given the gift of freewill and that, within the boundaries each of their own Karma and that of your whole world, are allowed to make their own choices about how they wish to use these gifts. You thank the love and wisdom of the Great Mother for sending you into earthly life, because you realise that if your spirit and soul had never taken part in the darkness of earthly life’s ignorance about its spiritual background, it would have been impossible for you to become consciously aware of God’s true nature and your own, and the special relationship you have always had and forever will have with your Divine parents.

‘As on the inner level everything is one and there is no separation between anything, spending many lifetimes in your own physical body on the Earth was necessary to help you realise that you are an individual being in your own right. The Divine spark within you reacts to being placed on the Earth like any seed that has been sown into your planet’s soil. In the darkness of that existence the seed instinctively reaches out towards the light and begins to grow. The knowledge is gains through learning from its own experiences are the light of the earthly being. With the passing of time the cells of the shell surrounding the spirit seed, your physical body, begin to respond and open to the warmth and light from their Creator on the highest levels of life.

‘What in your world is known as evil in truth merely represents the compulsory lessons for all young and inexperienced earthly selves. In due course the Universal laws return to them the suffering that they handed out so freely and thoughtlessly in previous lifetimes, ignorant of their true nature and that all life is ruled by God’s laws. Finding themselves at the receiving end of these experiences, and when there is nobody and no-one who seems to be able to alleviate their suffering, eventually leaves them no option but reaching heavenwards and pleading for help from somewhere, anywhere.

‘This explains why there are no earthly lives without sorrow and pain. And that’s how from being a minute spark the Divine aspect of ever human being’s nature, in the course of many lifetimes, the upper and lower selves are growing in wisdom and understanding. Their consciousness expands at first almost imperceptibly, but through the redemption of the earthly self’s karmic debts and the suffering it has to endure their developmental pace speeds up. For all of you this continues until you have mastered the earthly plane of life and through your behaviour in all daily encounters are proving to the wise ones in charge of you behind the scenes of your earthly existence that you have evolved into the master of every aspect of your nature.

‘By then you will have developed other bodies or vehicles that are going to allow you to function with equal ease on different planes of consciousness in other parts of the Universe. They will soon be turning into your field of exploration. Now that you are God-conscious, i.e. aware of your oneness with the Great Father/Mother, the earthly school of life has nothing left to teach you. Your mind has entered the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age. It consists of allowing you to believe only that which your innermost being, the wise one or living God within, tells you is true. That for you is the truth – even if it is not yet anyone else’s.
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The Fall Of Humankind - Part Three

Tenderly Cared For

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Very Best Of White Eagle - The Fall Of Humankind - Tenderly Cared For

This is the continuation of the messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides of the past two days: ‘The cells and atoms of every physical body, human and animal alike, is created through condensing the light of the Christ Star to a sufficient density that they appear as matter that is visible to earthly eyes. A number of different bodies are worn underneath your outer physical vehicle that is required for getting around on planet Earth. The other bodies also consist of the Christ light though of a less condensed finer texture. That’s why they are programmed with the instinctive urge to grow and evolve, the same as everything else that exists anywhere in the whole of God’s Creation. From the moment of your first release – not fall – into earthly life, the Christ or Great light has constantly been drawing you towards Itself.

‘All creatures that share Mother Earth with you are equally loved and tenderly cared for by God and the Angels and Masters of the spirit realm. Assisted by countless friends and helpers on the lower levels of our world, every lifeform is nurtured and protected and its development is unfolding in keeping with God’s great plan of life. For human beings this means protecting you against yourselves, whenever the need for it arises and things are in danger of getting out of hand. As soon as one of you ventures too far from the predestined pathway of your present lifetime, something happens that nudges you back onto it. If there is no other way of getting through to your earthly self, occasionally this has to happen in not too gentle a manner. There may have to be an illness or an accident to wake you up. This is how all of us are constantly provided with the experiences that are right for us at any given moment and that applies to you in your world as much as to us in ours.

‘A special Guardian Angel is allocated to each newly born spirit/soul, who accompanies the youngster throughout the whole of its earthly education. Taking care of you is part of your Angel’s own evolutionary pathway, which it pursues the same as everybody and everything else. Nothing and nobody is excluded from the evolutionary process. And because all of us have been programmed in the same manner, our hopes and aspirations during every part of our education are relentlessly reaching forwards and upwards. This is also true for you, even though for a long time you are likely to have been unaware of what was happening to you.

‘For every one of us, you in your world and we in ours, reaching out towards the highest levels of life always have been and forever will be our aim. Alas, during the first stage of its earthly education our small selves have no idea that the essence of our being is spirit/soul. This aspect of our being is eternal and immortal, the same as God, and will never die. It takes a long time until you become aware that good as well as evil are part of God’s nature and therefore also yours. In every human being they have always been working like two wheels that eventually melt into one. Good represents the higher evolved Christ nature and evil the lower unevolved part of God’s nature, your own and all life.

‘Since the beginning of human life on the Earth, the lower self’s pathway of suffering has activated the higher aspects of everyone’s nature. That’s how, with the passing of time, together they are moving the small self forwards and upwards on its predestined pathway. This continues until the higher nature has taken over its lower counterpart and together they have evolved into a healed and perfect son/daughter of God, a Christed one in its own right.

‘And because on the inner level there is no separation between anything, each time another one of you is coming home into their true nature and through this the two parts of your being are healing into one, all of humankind and your whole world are healing with you. That is the hidden esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the Christian teaching that all people shall be raised up to the Son/Sun. It means that in due course every one of them will evolve into a Christed who is consciously taking part in the radiance of the Great Light and helping it to manifest its beneficial influence on the Earth.

‘But for a moment let’s return to the newly born spirit/soul. Unconscious of its uniqueness and that it is a very precious and potentially highly talented individual, it enters into earthly life for the first time, unaware of the fact that the essence of its being is a masculine spirit and a feminine soul. And because the two are inseparable, the same as God and Goddess, from now on we shall be calling them spirit/soul. To help them become aware of their individuality from time to time this unit finds itself temporarily clothed in a physical body. At first the two are at loggerheads with their earthly self and for as long as they are longing to return to their source, their lower counterpart can make no progress on its predestined pathway other than learning all it can about its own nature and its environment.

‘When the time for discovering its spiritual nature and the background of its earthly existence has come for the small self, the Angels are guiding it towards finding out about its Divine origin and the wise one or living God within, its inner teacher or intuition. This brings with it the realisation that good and evil are two aspects of every human being’s nature as well as all life, and that good is the Christ part of its own being who has always longed for its counterpart, the small earthly self, to wake up from its slumber and become aware of who and what it truly is.

‘The Sun in your birthcharts is a symbol of your Highest or God Self, the Christ spirit in whom we are all one and whose light is persistently drawing all lifeforms towards itself, including earthly ones. Every creature anywhere is tenderly cared for by the Great Father/Mother of all life. The Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life are in charge of their development and on the lower levels of the spirit world countless friendly guides and helpers are serving them. All together these beings have always been steering every human being through the inevitable highs and lows of their earthly existence, complete with its emotional whirlpools, traps and crevices. Sometimes you have to walk or fall into one of them for a while. But do not worry unnecessarily when you do. Trust that the invisible hands of your spirit friends and helpers will forever be there to pull you out and place you onto a smoother stretch of your predestined pathway.

‘That’s how every human being, and once more we remind you that we too belong to this species and once walked the Earth just like you are doing now, is at all times moving round and round the zodiac. Each can only learn from their own experiences which are taking you through every one of its signs and houses. During the first round you are getting to know the lowest and most negative aspects of each Sun sign and house. But each new round takes you one level higher up the evolutionary spiral of life. In this way everyone’s development is slowly but surely constantly moving upwards and forwards on the road that in the end takes all of us to the top of the spiritual mountain, i.e. the conscious reunion with God.

‘In this manner one earthly lifetime after another every spirit/soul receives its nourishment from the Divine light and is drawn to it that bit closer. Through this the strength of the spark’s light in the cells of your physical body steadily increases. And that’s what, with the passing of time, brings about the awakening of your Christ nature. When this is going to happen for each individual is part of God’s plan for that person’s life which is designed whenever a new spark is born.

‘Never forget that every one of us, you in your world and we in ours, is a unique and very precious creature. Irrespective of where anyone may presently find themselves on their individual learning curve, the highest and the lowest are treated with the same love and respect all of us deserve equally as a Divine spark and child of the Highest. Every moment of our existence we are tenderly cared for and provisions are made for our true needs. And whatever may be required for your lessons, in keeping with God’s plan for you within the great plan of life, when the time is right it does appear without you having to ask for it.

‘All of us are also specially gifted in some way. When you become aware of your true nature and the higher purpose of your existence, it may dawn of you that you could have gifts and talents you have not yet recognised. They could be waiting to be unearthed, taken possession of and developed to full blossoming by you. The best way of finding out whether this is the case for you is by paying attention to your inner guidance and taking an interest in the things and themes you feel naturally drawn to at the time of your awakening.

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From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

* * *

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The Fall Of Humankind – Part Four

The Revolution Of Peace

This is a continuation of the messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘Naturally, the human evolutionary journey has to start at the lowest point of the upwards winding spiral of life and the lowest unevolved aspects of your nature had to be explored first. At the outset of your travels you were at the giving end of the experiences that go with this part of your development. When the Karma that was thus created returns to you, you find yourself at their receiving end. Initially, the aims of everybody’s lower self for a long time are in polar opposition to those of their higher or Christ part of their nature. This, however, changes so profoundly when it wakes from its slumbering state that you look with horror at the things you are likely to have done during past lifetimes. Eventually you will have only one desire and that is to make good and redeem yourself where you once sinned. Freely and willingly you then surrender and submit your whole being to the will and desires of your Highest Self, so it can show you how to go about it.

‘Your Highest Self is the pure Spirit of God, in whom we are all one and who has always been working with every one of us, Its lower earthly self by steering us through the unavoidable dark and ugly parts of our early development. However, as soon as one of the earthly selves has learned to work harmoniously with its higher nature, the suffering on the cross of earthly life is perceived in the right light. Whatever happened in the past and still has come your way in the future, are no longer rated as suffering but as necessary developmental stages and passing phases that served the paying of your karmic debts and redemption.

‘The so-called fall of humankind always has been a metaphor for the evolutionary process that demands that every human spirit/soul for a while takes part in the school of earthly life, in keeping with God’s great plan of life. The ultimate purpose this education provides is the realisation that we are individual beings who from time to time take part in earthly life for a while to become familiar with every aspect of its nature. During the later stages this includes changing the weaknesses of your lower earthly nature into strengths and adjusting your desires to those of your Christ nature.

‘The higher purpose of that which is known as darkness and evil in your world is the bringing forth of goodness and light. Hence the old wisdom of: ‘Out of evil cometh good and out of darkness cometh light.’ In the beginning there was darkness and God said: ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light.’ Spiritual knowledge and understanding are light and ignorance is darkness. Ultimately, all dark and inharmonious conditions in earthly life are for humankind’s highest good and greatest joy because their intention is always to teach them something. Rest assured that there is a great plan of life and that it is held safely in the loving hands of the Great Architect of the Universe. The Angels and Masters of the Christ circle, the highest level of life, are its executors and in charge of it.

‘Nothing happens outside this plan and a wise higher purpose has always been hiding behind everything that happened on the Earth plane and to this day is taking place there. For every individual soul, as well as for the whole of your world, God’s plan guarantees a final outcome that is fair and just, good and beautiful. And when in the end all evolutionary possibilities have been sufficiently explored, everything that exists in the physical world will be de-created and the creative process starts once more.

‘The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and of an ever increasing awareness of humankind’s siblinghood with all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation. This development has been unfolding in your world for quite some time by now. Yet, the gates to Heaven, by which we mean the higher and Highest levels of life, cannot be crashed by anyone. Everybody has to proceed one small step after another, guided and protected by their inner guidance learning to conduct their life in keeping with the Universal laws and to love God’s way, totally and unconditionally, without inhibitions and prejudice against anyone. In this way alone can the rose of love unfold and fully open in human hearts. All of you are walking the same road that in the end leads to mastering the drives and urges of your lower nature and being in charge of the matter of your physical bodies.

‘As time passes by, there will be increasing numbers of surprising events in your world that, when viewed from a purely earthly perspective, will appear like miracles. They are made possible by the light in the form of spiritual knowledge that is increasing your race’s wisdom and understanding which for some time has been flowing into the spiritual darkness that to this day fills humankind’s consciousness. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and one of the Air signs, which are responsible for the development of humankind’s mental faculties. Under the influence of the Aquarian energies a mental revolution has been taking place in your world for quite some time. It has its roots in people consciously changing their thinking and behaviour patterns into more positive and constructive ones.

‘As mentioned earlier, spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing – or to say it less politely: ignorance – is darkness. With every new bit of spiritual knowledge you find along the pathway of your predestined pathway through life you are becoming a bit more enlightened being. Through this your earthly existence evolves into a more colourful and interesting one. Many are becoming aware that they may have gifts and talents that could have taken many lifetimes to develop and are still waiting to be discovered by you. With the awakening of your higher nature they are likely to rise to the surface of your earthly self’s awareness. They can then be taken possession of and developed some more. The best way of finding our whether you have any such gifts is following your natural inclinations and consciously working on unfolding what emerges.

‘Even though attending the earthly school of life is compulsory, nobody is ever forced to apply for having another go at it. If during this one you have had and maybe still are having rather a tough time, comfort yourself with the knowledge that you yourself chose this painful pathway. And don’t chide yourself by saying: ‘I must have been crazy! No-one in their right mind would choose a lifetime like mine.’ On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world you did decide to once more pick up the cross of earthly life during these very special times of transformation and humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of its true nature. That’s why a multitude of opportunities for some time has been on offer for those who wish to redeem their most ancient karmic debts.

‘Making this choice was easier than usual because you knew that, if you reacted the right way to the events that would be coming their way, the coming lifetime could turn into the natural end of your earthly existence because it had nothing left to teach you. You would then be ready to be released into the freedom of continuing their studies in our world, exploring and gradually moving onto ever higher levels. Until you have completed your earthly education and passed the final exam of redeeming every last one of the debts in your spiritual bankbook, this is impossible.

‘The main reason for accepting the offer of another earthly lifetime was the knowledge that we, your spirit friends and helpers, would be with you all the way to support you and help you work your way through the tough patches that inevitably would be coming your way. You were aware that your main obstacle would be assisting your earthly self to become aware of its true nature and the spiritual background of its existence, and that whatever it required would unfailingly be provided by the wise ones in charge of it. The only thing it would have to do is ask, as without that no help can come to anyone in your world.

‘Many other spirit/souls came to the same conclusion as you and that’s why your world for some time has been so heavily over-populated. Do not worry about this unnecessarily, as this too will sort itself out in the natural course of events. And don’t be disheartened whenever you have to work your way through periods of despair and darkness. Whatever happens, comfort yourself with the knowledge that much good will come out of everything in the end and that you are clearing up some more of your karmic debts. There is no need for blame, only for forgiveness. What you are going through is a clearing and cleansing process that steadily increases your spiritual stamina and endurance. At the same time it provides you with greater wisdom and a better understanding of the spiritual background of earthly life in general as well as your own.

‘For some time the Christ light has been flowing with increasing force into the individual and collective consciousness of your world. There is good reason for being of good cheer and rejoicing because everything that is presently making earthly life so hard to endure is but a passing phase. It is a preparation for an initiation of such momentous proportions as has never before taken place on the Earth and that is the rebirth of the human race into the conscious awareness of its true nature.
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The Fall Of Humankind – Part Five

Digging For Gold

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Very Best Of White Eagle - The Fall Of Humankind - Digging For Gold

This is the continuation of messages from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘As pointed out earlier, every one of God’s creatures throughout the whole of Creation is loved and tenderly cared for by the Angelic hierarchy. This applies to all human beings, wherever they may find themselves at any given moment. And it does not make one iota of difference whether you are one of the highest and mightiest in one of the countries of your world or maybe just a gold digger on the Internet or anywhere else in your world or someone on the death row of Sing Sing.

‘If you were a digger who tries to extract money in deceitful ways from anyone who is gullible enough to fall for your sweet words and charms and swallow your tales, your success would depend on the Karma of your potential victims. God and the Angels guide you to the right ones. If someone did something similar to what you are doing now to those around them in previous lifetimes, with their help and will you are going to succeed with that person. The snag is that in one of your coming lifetimes somebody will have a go at you. The likelihood is that you will then have no idea whatsoever why something so unpleasant should be happening to you.

‘Encountering you is an essential part of your victim’s payment of their karmic debts brought over from previous lifetimes into this one. If this is not the case with one of the people you approach, we open their inner eyes and help them to recognise the intentions behind your advances. Yet, if someone is inexperienced enough to put their trust in a person they have never met personally and whom they do not know from Adam, they deserve what comes to them. Their own life’s experiences are going to teach them the invaluable lesson that, unless a somebody who enters their life has proved themselves as trustworthy in the course of many years, trusting them is a mistake. There is nothing wrong with making them. The most painful ones are never forgotten and therefore the best ones.

‘Everything that happens in your world is but a passing phase and part of someone’s life lessons and the balancing of their spiritual bank account. Nothing takes place perchance or is a coincidence. These things do not exist because all events are part of God’s plans of life, the great one for the development of the human race and the individual one for you and this particular lifetime. Should you be one of the before mentioned gold diggers of your world and you are reading this, the time may have come for the waking up of your spiritual nature from its slumbering state. In that case you are meant to start digging for gold that is much more precious than that which is available in earthly life and can be bought, sought and stolen. Golden nuggets of God’s sacred wisdom and truth are waiting to be discovered by you that will open the gates to your conscious awareness that you are an eternal being, who is part of God and can never die. No-one can or will take this kind of gold from you; it is yours forever.

‘Even though for a long time you were unaware of their presence, God and the Angels have always been with you, the same as everybody else. They are part of you and you are part of them. They could not leave you, even if they wanted to – not that they ever will. Because of this spiritually everything has to be for real and there is no point in faking or pretending anything. God and the Angels are the all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears that swing into action when the time is right for the Universal laws to return to you the seeds that were sown by you, either earlier in your present lifetime or during previous ones. And that’s how in the fullness of time everybody receives their just desserts.

‘God and the Angels are constantly guiding and protecting each one of you against destroying the essence of your being, your spirit and soul. They have brought you to where you are now and it is they who have brought this to you. If you understand their message, reach out for them and ask for their assistance. It will never be denied to anyone. Upon request they are ready to show you ways how you, with the help of your own Christ Self, can redeem yourself and make good where previously you transgressed against those around you.

‘God and the Angels will never lead you astray or tell you something that is not true. They can be trusted implicitly. All you have to do is pay attention to what they are telling you through your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, about the next step on your journey of leaving behind the darkness of being ignorant of God’s true nature and your own. The knowledge they are waiting to bring to every human being is sure to cure all of them of the nonsense of fearing God. Once you understand who and what God really is, nothing will ever stop you from loving Him/Her with every fibre of your being.

‘As you know by now, all characteristics and powers that are in God are also in every human being, if for a long time in seed form only. Even though many to this day believe that you are fallen Angels of some kind, this is by no means the case. It is merely that every one of you has to work their own way through the various stages of their earthly education. Religions have been excellent instruments for teaching you about God’s nature and your own during the evolutionary phase of getting to know the lowest and most depraved desires of humankind’s crude and unevolved nature of the early stages of its development.

‘Everything that to this day is happening in your world is a demonstration of how some people somewhere are still exploring the whole gamut of experiences that humankind’s earthly education requires at various stages of their development. This means that the highest hopes and aspirations of your Christ nature as well as the lowest drives and urges of its earthly counterpart, have to be experienced by every human being sometime. Be of good cheer because a high and holy destiny awaits all of you, without exception.

‘We cannot begin to describe the power and glory of the highest levels of life and the Angels and Masters around the throne of God. They cannot be expressed in earthly words but the more you work with the vibrations of the Universal Christ, with the help of the Christ Star, the better you will be able to perceive what is happening in those realms. Earthly words and images cannot describe them. You begin to understand them when, with the help of the spiritual knowledge you are finding along the pathway of your earthly existence, the world of your feelings is enriched by love and goodwill towards the siblinghood of the whole of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with you.

‘The most vital lesson of your curriculum in the school of earthly life is the one that teaches you to appreciate the siblinghood with all life in the whole of Creation. There is no other way humankind can return to the full consciousness of its oneness with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. For some time by now this has been unfolding through a great spiritual awakening that has been taking place on the Earth. This is constantly being speeded up by God and the Angels in charge of your world. The result is a rapid expansion of consciousness of the spiritual background of your present existence. ‘Peace on Earth and goodwill towards every form of life in the whole of Creation,’ is the Angelic message we are bringing you.

‘And as long as you keep on keeping on, everything will be well in the end.
We are with you, all the way – never doubt it.

With love – your spirit friends and helpers.’

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•    ‘Is There A God?’
•    ‘Who Or What Is God?’
•    ‘The Value Of Making Mistakes’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

* * *

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The Courage To Live

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Hope And Encouragement

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of the whole of Creation,
Reach out to all who have tried and seemingly failed,
To bring them your comfort and love.
Those whose hopes have been dimmed,
And whose faith has paled,
Lift into the radiance of your Divine wisdom, I pray,
And help them to trust again.

To those who are frightened and lonely,
Feeling hurt and helpless,
Baffled and blind, failing to understand
Why they are in this life and falsely
Believing that this dark and tangled earthly road
Is all there is to their existence,
Bring them a ray of hope in the form of a friend,
Someone who understands.

Touch with the flame of Your Heavenly fire
All hope that has burned low
And rekindle the faith that has died.
Show each one of us,
Your beloved children of the Earth,
How to walk steadfastly,
Hand in hand with You and the Angels
Through following the guidance we receive
From the innermost core of our being,
Where You and they dwell.
O Great White Spirit,
Show us the way,
Ever onwards, forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
Help the ones who are stumbling and falling by the wayside,
To awaken into the knowledge of their true nature
And a renewed understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of their life,
So they can begin to move among their fellow beings
With renewed love in their hearts.
Grant them the gift of enough faith and courage to try,
Whenever this becomes necessary,
All over again.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

* * *

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The Prophet - On Death

Then Almitra spoke and said: ‘We would ask now of death.’
And the Prophet replied:
‘You can only begin to understand the secrets of death
When you know that first and foremost you are a spirit and soul,
And start to look for them in the heart of life itself.
You will then become aware that in truth there is no death,
Only transformations when each one of you,
Time and again at the end of yet another lifetime,
Returns into another state of consciousness.

Birds are messenger of the world of spirit or light,
Your true home, from where you once came
And to which you return at the end of every earthly lifetime.
You have been granted the gift of another sojourn on the earthly plane,
So that you may grow in wisdom and understanding,
And with the passing of time evolve into
A seeker of God’s wisdom and truth, a human owl.

On the Earth owls represent symbols of wisdom,
But there are two types of these birds.
In the early stages of your education in the school of earthly life
You are like one of those who can only fly and hunt at night,
Because their eyesight is very poor in daylight.
However, as you proceed on your evolutionary pathway
That in the end takes you back into
The conscious awareness of your true nature and
Your oneness with God and all life,
You become ever more evolved and gradually grow into
A likeness of the second type of owl, who can see
Equally well by day and night.

Because you are constantly learning something from your experiences,
You are growing wiser all the time, until eventually there
Comes a moment when you discover that you are beginning
To find what you are looking for as well in the darkness of Earth life,
As you do on the other side of the veil of consciousness.
In the past this separated your two worlds like a curtain as much for you,
As it does to this day for many of your siblings in the human family,
While for you it is ever more disappearing.

For as long as you remained trapped in the initial darkness
Of the dungeon of the ignorance of an earthly existence,
And remained ensnared by the belief that this state
Was your only reality and that this was all there is to life,
You could not see beyond the end of your nose
And it was impossible for you to perceive
The vast horizons of the higher and highest dimensions of life.
For as long as you stayed on that evolutionary level,
You found it hard to grasp and unveil
The mysteries of life and death, darkness and light.

To enable you to understand the spirit of death,
The Divine spark in you first had to awaken,
So that your heart could open wide unto all other aspects of life,
Until finally you grasped that in truth
Life and death are one,
The same as a river and the sea,
Into which it pours itself, are one.

Your Creator deeply and permanently imprinted
The silent knowledge of the higher and highest aspects
Of life, your true home, into the memories of your soul.
From there they continue to surface in your hopes and dreams
In a longing and yearning for the world you once came from,
With none of the trouble and strife of Earth’s harsh environment.
Such dreams lead you to your highest aspirations.
Nurture and care for them, so they can light your way home.
Like a seed that patiently waits beneath the snow
For the arrival of spring, your soul has never given up the
Hope of one day returning into that existence.
Trust these dreams, for they are the key that
In due course will unlock the gates of Eternity for you.

And what about your fear of death?
It can be likened to the trembling of a shepherd,
Who stands before his King, waiting that he should lay
His hand upon him in honour.
Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling,
Although he knows that he will soon be wearing his King’s mark?
But even so, before the event he is more mindful of his trembling
Than of the gift that awaits him.
And what is ceasing to breathe the air of the Earth,
But the freeing of your soul from this planet’s restless emotional tides,
So that it may rise, expand and seek God unencumbered
By a physical body and the concerns of Earth life?

Only when you drink from the river of the silence of
The world of light, your soul truly sings.
And only when you reach the top of the spiritual mountain
The real ascent begins.
And only when your physical body has been returned
To Mother Earth, to which it belongs,
Will you once more know for sure
What your role in the great dance of life has been all along.

As one of God’s beloved children of the Earth,
You are a spark of the Divine,
An immortal being who has all Eternity to look forward to,
Filled with ever more new explorations and fresh learning,
Safely guided and protected by God and the Angels.
Whether you believe in them or not, at any given time,
They will forever be around you, with you and part of you.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

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Walking By Faith

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the book ‘Festivals & Celebrations’: ‘As a spark of the Divine every human being is a young God in the making and whenever one of your tunes their earthly mind into the frequencies of the Highest, vibrations of peace are created. Through making an effort to think nothing but good, constructive and positive thoughts and directing your hopes, dreams and aspirations towards the highest forces of life, the Christ consciousness in you expands and grows. In this process you gradually evolve into a vortex of spiritual light that, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, has the power of changing the dark, evil and destructive elements of your world into good, right and beautiful ones that are filled with light.

‘This is how, with the passing of time, your confidence in the Highest Forces of life grows and you develop true faith that is accompanied by feelings of deep inner peace and harmony. You have read ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’ and your inner guidance tells you that it is speaking the truth. From that time onwards you have been walking the pathway of your life by the kind of faith that has its roots in a deep inner knowingness that, with the help of God and the Angels, all things are possible and miracles really can be worked as soon as the conditions are right. You have every reason to trust because you not merely believe but know that many different forces of life are working in the background of the earthly plane for the highest good and the greatest joy of the whole of humankind and your world. On the deepest innermost level of your being you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that everything will be well in the end for the simple reason that the cycles of life always have been and forever will be moving forwards and upwards on God’s eternal evolutionary spiral.

‘In spite of long spells of darkness, for example the six thousand years of patriarchy that kept humankind trapped in the prison of ignorance of spiritual matters and the evil that was created through this state of affairs, individually and collectively you and your world have been progressing nonetheless. To help the opening of humankind’s heart centre, God’s heavenly light has always been penetrating as deep as possible into the individual and collective consciousness of your world. As a result, increasing numbers of you by now are manifesting their Christ or God nature and are behaving with love and compassion, goodwill and patience towards all lifeforms in Mother Earth’s loving embrace. The legendary Master Jesus represents the Christ aspect in every human being. Regardless of the fact that for a long time it exists merely in seed form as a tiny spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ, it has always been there in every one of you.

‘Through taking possession of the spark and developing it, in due course all of you will be doing their share of assisting your planet with its transformation into one of healing and peace that radiates its energies into the farthest and remotest corners of the whole of Creation, to wherever it is needed. And when at last you have reached the end of your earthly education and you are free to explore the higher and eventually highest regions of life, you will never be let loose on your own on anything in the spirit realm. The Angels and Masters and we, your spirit friends and helpers, will always be by your side to show you where to go, what to do and the things that are in keeping with God’s great plan of life and those that are not and therefore would be unacceptable. This is no change from how we have always been guiding you and that on a reasonably long leash. You never have been alone and you never will be. God bless you all and peace be with you and your world. When St. Paul is said to have written in the Corinthians 5:7: ‘We walk by faith, not by sight.’, who would have thought that the time would come when the true meaning of the Jesus tale had been revealed and ever more of you would really be walking that way?

‘To help you with this, we are glad to tell you that there is a great deal more to every one of you than can be observed on the outer physical plane of life. You are multi-faceted jewels and many of the components of your whole being are still hidden from your conscious awareness, waiting to be discovered by you. Some have difficulties coming to terms with the concept that they are eternal beings who cannot die and that they have taken part in earthly life many times before. We hear them ask: ‘If this is true, why don’t I have any recall of what happened to me?’

‘The memories of all your previous lifetimes are stored in your soul on the subconscious level of your being. From there they are influencing everything you do in many different ways. This is how you bring with you into every new lifetime the earthly personality that has thus far been developed by you and it’s for your own protection that you are shielded against knowing about what went on before. That’s because you have taken part in every aspect of humankind’s earthly curriculum, as all of you have to do and therefore have experienced some of the best as well as the worst this plane of life has to offer. Sometimes you found yourself at the giving end and on other occasions on the receiving one. If you knew about the things you did and have been involved in, you would find it impossible to live with yourself in the realities of each new lifetime with its fresh beginning. This is why God’s wisdom and love guard you against the knowledge of your soul memories until you have spiritually matured sufficiently to deal with them.’

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The Gift Of Understanding

When the world for you seems dark and grey,
The journey of your life too long and lone,
Don’t hang your head, don’t mourn forlorn.
At a certain point of our earthly development
The Divine spark within us stirs from its slumber.
We then realise that Earth life is a school
And that every one of us is here to learn and grow.
In fact, every experience that comes our way.
Contains the gift of some kind of a lesson.

Once we seriously attend to our learning,
Many answers to our questions we find
That enrich us in soul and mind.
So let’s take a good and honest look
At ourselves, our lives and then go within,
To ask God and the Angels for their help.
It is sure to come if we are willing to wait
For them to tell us intuitively,
Through our inner guidance
The wise one or living God within,
How to go about resolving our problems.

With their assistance all things are possible
And any condition can be healed.
When our vision of life opens
And we re-define our life by
Approaching it from a different angle
And viewing it with an enlarged perspective,
Our deepest innermost wounds begin to heal.
Time to look forward to the day when
Our soul’s pain is no more.

When, instead of wasting our years
With shedding too many tears,
We know that every piece of life’s puzzle
Is a perfect fit and that once we understand
Its higher purpose and meaning,
The horizons of humankind’s existence
Reveal themselves as very bold
And everyone’s high and holy destiny
Is nothing but a joy to behold.

Sheila White
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

* * *

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Take These Broken Wings

Take these broken wings - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again,
And learn to live so free.
And when we hear the voices sing,
The book of love will open up
And let us in.

From the Eighties Song
By Mr. Mister

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Take the broken wings of humankind’s earthly existence
And teach all of us how to fly with the help
Of Your sacred wisdom and truth,
So that it flows ever more powerfully
From Your loving heart
Into every human heart and soul
And from there into our whole world.
Under Your guidance and protection
And in accordance with Your will and wishes,
Keep on opening ever more hearts,
Until each one of us acts as a channel for the
Blessing and healing power of Your love.

Grant us the gift of understanding, so that
On the wings of Your sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift our whole world
Above the woes of our present existence
By recognising them as nothing but lessons
In the school of earthly life
And passing phases.

Mend our broken spiritual wings and show us
The beauty and wonder
Of the spirit realm,
Your world.


Recommended Viewing:
•    ‘I can fly! I really can!’

From ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’

* * *

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