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Started by: kayden16
On: 18/06/2018 | 17:17
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by: nancaz
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:08

@kayden16  hope you feel better soon,

lovely food from everyone,


Had pie and peas for tea.

get my results tomorrow, 



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by: frenchielove
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:28

Everything crossed for you @nancaz  🤗

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by: giffered
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:30
evening @deborah123456
F&C is good - what sort of fish????????????
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by: giffered
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:37
a nice bit of pollock is good @django21
homemade chips is the BEST
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by: giffered
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:45


IMG_20190814_170450.jpgchicken stir fry and new spuds

fruit salad for afters


@kayden16 @vickyjakesmum  @frenchielove  @nancaz  @django21  @deborah123456 

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by: deborah123456
on: 14/08/2019 | 19:47


evening @deborah123456
F&C is good - what sort of fish????????????

Think it was cod @giffered 😂😂😂 

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by: vickyjakesmum
on: 14/08/2019 | 20:03

Looks tasty @nancaz  hope all goes well tomorrow. 🤗

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by: jfh
on: 14/08/2019 | 20:51

My lunch was a bowl of salad with thin slices of the beautiful steak from last night. Hubby had eaten all of his so he had an egg and tomato sandwich. We had some gorgeous ripe nectarines afterwards. 


Went to our afternoon sequence dance and I managed quite a few, much better than last week. Someone had brought some chocolate buns with generous chocolate icing on the top so had one of thoueitg my cuppa. 


For our tea I heated half a cooked chicken and had it with runner beans and sweet potato wedges. No time for pud as hubby had choir practice but I have custard ready to cook and some very ripe bananas for when he comes back. 

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by: giffered
on: 14/08/2019 | 21:38
cod is good
haddock is better
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by: caro120
on: 14/08/2019 | 21:56


Hello everyone

Its Homemade Chips and Fried Pollock tonight

Good fish pollack, we like it and can do so much with it..  Also cat prefers it to cod and anything really!


I cooked up that chicken and jackfruit.. fried them in jerk seasoning, boiled red rice with carrots, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn, peppers.  Threw it all together with bit of thyme for jamaican taste and then found chorizo needed using so that added bit of pork and garlic.  Tamarind too cos it needed a fruity touch, was ok.


Splashed a bit on my top and hard to get out so bet husbands tee shirt stains were paprika or summat, looks like rust if goes thru laundry without removing!

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