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Started by: kayden16
On: 18/06/2018 | 17:17
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by: johnrooney80
on: 10/12/2018 | 01:29
Just had some hot & spicy noodle soup. Now bed. Nitey.
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by: caro120
on: 10/12/2018 | 02:11

@kayden16 wrote:

Hello everyone


@frenchielove@giffered@deborah123456@johnrooney80@nancaz@ceecee2110@django21  and all


Not too bad so far today , just a quick weep and then told myself off.

Not decided on anything to eat yet , will wait and see if i am hungry later .


Thank you all for posting and keeping the thread going . I will be back on form one day x

Hope you are all having a good day and enjoy your food x


It's winter and quiet you like reading?  I've started a book called 'a devon village', mentions cryde which I think is based on croyde and all round that way, lovely detail on wildlife as with last book but in between he'd been involved in WW2 so that keeps breaking through and not as upbeat as 'the dark lantern' which is first one I read.


Not eaten much today, didn't need to.  Got really nocturnal, must break out the habit sometime but just love the quiet of the night.


So had a big yoghurt for breakfast and a bit of foccaccia bread with a fried egg on top - that'll do, don't want to risk too many veg while tum still sensitive.  Better than was.  Wish had thought earlier, came across some mexican spice I got for tortilla wraps and stuff, epazote and is used over there to counteract the windy aspect of a bean-based diet.  Did seem to make a difference though!


I think that's the trouble, we eat lots of foreign foods but it's a balance and they do things slightly differently in country of origin?

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by: caro120
on: 10/12/2018 | 02:14

@johnrooney80 wrote:



Lunch. Slapped onna piece wiv mayo and cheese slice- Mac cheez for dinner 👋 @kayden16 @masterluke @jarsteve123 @frenchielove @giffered @deborah123456 hope yer aw full..🤗

Had fried egg today on a bit of cherry tomato foccaccia, lovely quick and easy meal.. brekkie was yoghurt, big blackcurrant one, bit acidic though.


Hope to get out tomorrow, see what end up eatingSmiley Happy

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by: caro120
on: 10/12/2018 | 02:22

@django21 wrote:

House is mine. So its up to me to pay for an engineer to come out!
Gas company only fit meters inside the house. Any work done inside house you have to pay another Engineer to come and do the work. Gas Company only worried about leaks outside of house!
Just got to wait for someone to check if all pipe work is OK, and then get it back switched on. I will not be paying any monies to the Gas Company until then. I will trying to get some sort of Compo off them if i can.

I think when got new meter fitted they asked which appliances in house.. Had all the gas ones turned off and could tell by meter whether any leak?  If can't smell it is probably ok? 


We have to be careful with some of the points in walls where used to be gas lights as the pipework there still live and if putting a nail in avoid anything directly up or down from them and fingers crossedSmiley Happy


Did find old gas pipe and shade and stuff in blackpool; at that point could get some sort of mantle used with caravan lighting to fit but on finding out they very fragile and prone to breaking once used - you only got to catch them with finger while lighting, decided against it tho is a lovely soft light.  Mate had them in his old cottage years ago..


I always think of that ghostie/horror film where all the flame is shooting out of the walls, put me off anyhowSmiley Happy

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by: deborah123456
on: 10/12/2018 | 07:12
Morning @kayden16 @giffered @django21 @frenchielove @johnrooney80 and all
Weetabix for breakfast
Other half went out to go work and noticed he has a flat tire and he has no spare
So now got to wait for someone to bring one and fit it.
Freezing here this morning
Might go daughters a bit later
Enjoy your day all
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by: frenchielove
on: 10/12/2018 | 07:15

Good morning @kayden16 and everyone. Will be off walking shortly, then branflakes and oats, cuppa and toast. Lunch will be fruits, yogury, kefir mid afternoon and fancy a big veggie stew tonight, got onions, potatoes, mushrooms, parsnips,carrots, greens, all waiting to be used up, throw a tin of chick peas in too, back later, happy munching 🤗

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by: giffered
on: 10/12/2018 | 11:18
morning @deborah123456
up late
just having 10am coffee
warm here
daughter can't be long now?
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by: ceecee2110
on: 10/12/2018 | 13:07
Good afternoon everyone
@kayden16 @giffered @django21 @jarsteve123 @frenchielove @johnrooney80

Very cold here today, was frosty but it did look lovely and it was a lovely walk into work too

Breakfast was toast on peanut butter
Lunch was baked spud with tuna, followed by a Crispy Cake (naughty)
Dinner, not sure yet, need to go food shopping
We were in Edinburgh yesterday looking at the Christmas Market, it was super busy but it looked pretty
We had tea in the Brewdog Pub, so that was Christmas special pizza and a pint of Clockwork Tangerine IPA, yum
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by: frenchielove
on: 10/12/2018 | 13:21

That all sounds lovely @ceecee2110 I am just munching on some dark chocolate fruit and nut, yummy 🤗

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