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Fox's Chocolate Biscuits

Started by: 123kingarthur
On: 09/12/2018 | 15:11
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:11 edited: 09/12/2018 | 15:13

I decided that Fox's Chocolate biscuits seemed a nice present for my neighbour.

I chose a very large box which did look Nice.   But when I got them home I thought I should check them out to just make sure they were all OK.   So I opened them and tried them all. 

Now the box is empty and they were all perfect.   But I cannotSmiley Very Happy give an empty Box so I will now have to buy another. Smiley LOL

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by: 67red12
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:22
@123kingarthur....thats the trouble with this time of year , Ive got things in the house I wouldnt usually have & am having to be very disciplned arghhhhhhhh make sure you dont test the next box lol
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by: funnymarv
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:22

Oh no  😂 . But foxes chocolate biscuits are to die for 

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by: tinarose60
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:34

There £2 in Poundland in a red box I would buy another box they are tasty.

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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:55
@67red12 Yes I agree it is the same whatever chocolate items I have in the house. I have good intentions but somehow they never work
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/12/2018 | 15:57
@tinarose60 what the Fox's Chocolate biscuits in a tin box oh no The one I bought cost £6
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/12/2018 | 16:00
@funnymarv oh I know the chocolate is so thick and the biscuit is really buttery they are the best you can buy I am sure I have to say there were only two black tins left on the shelf
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/12/2018 | 16:03
@beautiful01 Oh dont I will be back on the diet after Christmas
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by: alienlady
on: 09/12/2018 | 17:51

I  had the same problem with choc biscuits and tins of chocs when the family were still at home. Of course I helped them Smiley LOL @123kingarthur

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