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Fox's Chocolate Biscuits

Started by: 123kingarthur
On: 09/12/2018 | 15:11
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by: team_leader
on: 10/12/2018 | 12:15

Oh what are you like @123kingarthur 😂😂😂

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by: 123kingarthur
on: 10/12/2018 | 12:19
@team-leader I have decided to buy my neighbour a pot plant I will not be able to eat that
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by: ceecee2110
on: 10/12/2018 | 13:17
ha ha ha
Brilliant @123kingarthur

I do love a tasty chocolate biscuit, yum
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by: alienlady
on: 10/12/2018 | 14:59

@pamfletch we are of the same mind Smiley LOL

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by: 123kingarthur
on: 10/12/2018 | 15:16
@ceecee2110 Well I did feel it was my duty to make sure the biscuits were safe to eat
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 10/12/2018 | 15:21
@standardbearer I think and hope you should enjoy them
They are the black tin and they cost £6 They are nice with coffee.
You will have to try everyone and then you will be able to tell if they meet with your taste
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 10/12/2018 | 22:01

Well that just takes the biscuit😂

And I've just bought some Fox's biscuits🐷

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by: pinks29
on: 11/12/2018 | 01:08
That's the sort of thing I would do, more so if it was tin of chocolates. Well we have to sample these things incase they taste horrible, well that's my excuse, what's yours?
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