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Front teeth 😢

Started by: youngchick
On: 11/02/2019 | 19:16
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by: youngchick
on: 12/02/2019 | 19:11
@sha_shah1 at least he's cemented them bk in hope they stay in for Monday and they fit 🙏
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by: youngchick
on: 12/02/2019 | 19:12
@sweetootato97 at least he's cemented them bk in hope they stay in for Monday and they fit 🙏
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by: janny27
on: 12/02/2019 | 19:53
Oh dear, that sounds expensive. Good Luck.
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by: youngchick
on: 18/02/2019 | 18:46

😢 been tonight and teeth don't fit 😩Metal post in and temporarily 2 front teeth fingers crossed for Friday 😃

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by: zedbibi93
on: 18/02/2019 | 20:01
Oh no that's gona cosy you quite a bit to get fixed
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by: shazzzy
on: 18/02/2019 | 20:46
thats going to be expensive
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by: leedi0t1403
on: 18/02/2019 | 21:02
By what I see, you have a dentist. Your really lucky.. My dentist broke my tooth when he removed one of my extra teeth and took a chunk out of my gum, which was housing the broken tooth and my new dentist built a cap from filling materials and made this cap so it would also defend the area where my gum was gone and the gum grew and held this cap on but the bottom of it is fading. I need it sorted, but my dentist closed down lmao. So did my other dentist that ran off with a chunk of my gum haha Your very lucky
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by: gillone
on: 18/02/2019 | 23:15

Awwe no , that’ll cost to fix , bless . Good luck 👍

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by: shabbas
on: 18/02/2019 | 23:25

Ooooo😣 @youngchick

Front teeth are the worst coz they show when you talk so you really kind hide the problem... i SO feel for you😦

Hope it gets sorted quickly for you so you can smile again 😀

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