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Gentle reminder to dog owners

Started by: frenchielove
On: 23/12/2018 | 16:40
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by: frenchielove
on: 23/12/2018 | 16:40

At this time of year, we often have foods around that are particularly harmful to our pets. I was just reading a case where a dog had to be rushed to the vets as he had eaten a mince pie. We know that raisins are extremely harmful to dogs, but sadly, they don’t. So please be careful and keep an eye on food left around. That includes the chocolates under the tree. 

Happy Christmas 🤗

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by: tired16
on: 23/12/2018 | 16:51
@frenchielove Thanks for that. The same goes for cats too. Smiley Happy
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by: frenchielove
on: 23/12/2018 | 16:53

Yes of course @tired16 thank you for that. 

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by: bobrobinson
on: 23/12/2018 | 17:09

Great Advice @frenchielove  and @tired16  So thanks for that

Its so easy for a pet to take something thats left over and quickly eat it up.

All the best BobSmiley Happy

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by: acetech
on: 23/12/2018 | 17:13
Poor pooches, agree you need to be careful.
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by: otbc11
on: 23/12/2018 | 17:17
That's good advice just hope people will listen to your advice.
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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 23/12/2018 | 18:05
My shar pei shares my marmite on toast but as for anything else it’s a huge no no no 😁
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by: frenchielove
on: 23/12/2018 | 18:19

@bigdaddy0714 Our dog loves fruits of all kind and raw carrot sticks, but I purposely do not buy grapes anymore. 

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by: nikmobile
on: 23/12/2018 | 18:58
Well said @frenchielove who wants to be rushing to a vets on Christmas Day!
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by: rjs75
on: 23/12/2018 | 19:19

Good advice 👌
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