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Gentle reminder to dog owners

Started by: frenchielove
On: 23/12/2018 | 16:40
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 24/12/2018 | 11:38

Great advice👏

We always make sure coco and sky are not eating things they should not be eating so we'll be keeping an eye on them😉
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by: snowman1888
on: 25/12/2018 | 23:39

@dolly247 wrote:

Nice one @frenchielove. I forget that other people don't know about raisins and dogs. It's become such a habit with me, not buying for me anything that is harmful to doggies, that it surprises me other dog owners aren't aware. x

Well...   There we go  @dolly247    You learn something every day, i never knew that raisins where harmfull to our best friend our little doggies, not that he ever recieved a raisin anyway.   this calls for an information on what foods harm mans best friend thread....  at christmas time, and all year round..... Smiley Wink   

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by: 7whales
on: 26/12/2018 | 07:34

Onions, both raw and cooked. Definate NO NO for dogs and possibly other animals.


They can be dangerous to your pets.


Outdoors be careful with your pets near vehicles, even in a garage. De-icing fluids or window washer fluid, plus radiator fluids that may have spilled while filling a car's reservoirs, are extremely dangerous to your pets.



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by: mahooli
on: 26/12/2018 | 07:36

I lost my second dog to chocolate poisoning when she raided my handbag, had another chocolate incident not too long ago. Thankfully all was ok with them this time around.

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by: dory85
on: 26/12/2018 | 07:40

Thanks for the advice my dog has a iron guy eats anything he absolutely funny bless him but I do keep eye on what he eats he more allergic to dog treats then human foods lol 😂 

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by: frenchielove
on: 26/12/2018 | 07:50

Thank you for all your replies, so sad to hear that @mahooli I know of someone who lost their dog, he raided the chocolate under the tree 😞 yes that is true about onions @7whales my dear mum God bless, thought she was being helpful by giving my dog a grape. NO!!!! Luckily, he passed it whole. 

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