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Government admits link between Universal credit and food banks

Started by: majorincident
On: 11/02/2019 | 18:21
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by: majorincident
on: 11/02/2019 | 18:21

Amber Rudd has said that the increased use of food banks is partly due to the problems in rolling out universal credit.  Who'd have thunk it? Y4Tsm6w

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
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by: andyslc
on: 11/02/2019 | 18:35

Shock horror. They ve also ruled out easing sanctions for the most vulnerable such as single parents/disabled act whilst simultaneously refusing to issue guidance to administrators of sanctions over what constitutes a reasonable excuse for not attending job centre appointments etc.


**Insert insult of choice for DWP ministers here**

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by: majorincident
on: 11/02/2019 | 18:53

'The state should be there to help you'.  No Amber, none of us can see this.


A foodbank administrator in Amber Rudd's constituency was interviewed on the this evening's Radio 4 PM programme.  She said that the principle of Universal credit is find, but it has to be reformed. 

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
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by: adria19476
on: 11/02/2019 | 19:10

The whole system of universal credit is wrong and inhumane and needs scrapping it's costing them more then the old system used to so they should make every one go back onto the old system to save money and most of all peoples lives the poor people that have no one to turn to and are suffering with mental illness and then they get into rent arrears and debt then there ending there lives I no of 5 people in the last 18 months who have jumped in front of a train and it's horrible I was actually on one of the trains one Sunday night going home when someone jumped infront of it and it's horrendous for the family and the poor train driver that is mentally scared for life now and I bet universal credit was to blame I think it was in that paper saying it was down to that 

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by: andyslc
on: 11/02/2019 | 19:25

@majorincident That’s the problem with the major benefit reforms since 2010. The theories are fine. The move from DLA to PiP for example was based on sound reasoning. The implementation of them has been done with one goal in mind though. Reduce the benefit bill and bugger the consequences for those on the receiving end. 

Veni vidi dormivi
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by: contro
on: 11/02/2019 | 20:29

Bet they're still contemplating putting their advisors in food banks.

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by: hassan_javed
on: 11/02/2019 | 20:40
universal credit is just part of it
wages have not increased for a long time
and the food prices keep going up
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by: andishdi
on: 12/02/2019 | 07:08

... And then people realise there's no stigma attached and you get food for free so why wouldn't you save your money?

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by: bobsta
on: 12/02/2019 | 08:24

A governemnt in denial about food banks and has now just grudgingly admitted there may be a link. And we keep voting the conservatives in despite watching our public services and society fall apart at the seams.

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by: toomuchtime
on: 12/02/2019 | 08:41

I think it's gone way past the point of plausible denial so she had to fess up (partialy).

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