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How can I use my dongle to create a wifi hotspot?

Started by: balsamicvinegar
On: 01/03/2013 | 18:34
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by: balsamicvinegar
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:34

I have a dongle with a giffgaff sim, which is in my laptop, which has Windows Vista. Is there any way to create a hotspot to connect my wifi only tablet to?

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by: stephenmiller
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:39

Try these steps, I can't try it because I'm on Windows 7 and have no wireless card


1. Click Start, Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center .

2. Click Set up a connection or network.

3. Click Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network, and then click Next.

4. Enter a name for your network, choose a security type (WEP is probably fine, given that you're sharing your network with people you know), and then enter a security key.

5. Check the Save this network box, then click Next.

6. If you see a box marked Turn on Internet Connection Sharing, go ahead and click it.

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by: harrrrrry
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:41

Unlikely I think.


WiFi operates at 2.4GHz, a different frequency band to mobile phones. So, unless the dongle is also specified to work as wifi its unlikely it will be able to tune to the band.

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by: harrrrrry
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:43

But if you have a spare USB slot, or a USB hub, you could plug in a separate wifi dongle.

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by: balsamicvinegar
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:51



I have tried this, but the tablet won't detect it.

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by: balsamicvinegar
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:53



I thought there would be something like when you create a hotspot on an iphone?

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by: pedromap
on: 01/03/2013 | 18:59

not realy your best bet is to buy a mifi @ CEX bought mine for £30.00 a 3 mifi then i unlocked it

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by: cathalmc
on: 01/03/2013 | 19:24

You shouldn't be asking stuff like that.


You can get arrested for getting your dongle out in public.

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