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How to look like a completely sad imbecile...

Started by: robbies
On: 31/03/2011 | 01:51
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by: stephen1972
on: 31/03/2011 | 01:53
lol thats the phone that was out 4 the world cup. Does it have rule brittania ringtone lol
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by: crazylegs
on: 31/03/2011 | 01:53

Oh dear..Smiley Very Happy


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by: robbies
on: 31/03/2011 | 01:55

I guess its the world cup phone old stock, but with a new screen saver or whatever added.

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by: robbies
on: 31/03/2011 | 01:58

Actually, its not.


I got the black version of the World Cup phone for a friend, and it was a good phone.  Its lying on the desk next to me now and the one I showed here is a different version.

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by: stephen1972
on: 31/03/2011 | 01:58
they can keep them till next year with olympic wallpaper lol
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by: krayzie
on: 31/03/2011 | 02:00

I'd rather carry a brick than that phone xD

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by: stephen1972
on: 31/03/2011 | 02:04
i remember it,it came with a u jack cover.
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by: gypsy
on: 31/03/2011 | 06:41

it all so the one that sells for 99p.

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by: daveysludge
on: 31/03/2011 | 07:47

Why would that be a world cup phone?


Didn't know 'Britain' took part in the World Cup...

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