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Started by: emmanuelray
On: 07/12/2018 | 11:52
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by: emmanuelray
on: 07/12/2018 | 11:52
I have had a few issues in the past and had to contact the head office once, in order to sort it out! It took several attempts and emails back and forth, and eventually it got sorted. I shouldn't have had to contact the company's CEO's to get those issues sorted, but that was the last option remaining. Since then, everything has been fine and I am/was very happy with the service. Until yesterday! 
I have just emailed the CEO now, demanding compensation. For freelancers like myself this has caused a lot of hassle and a loss of income. I am so annoyed! I want my **bleep**ing compensation!!!! Still having problems today and have already lost a job, thanks to this problem. 
Yesterday, I have lost exactly £255 and today, I have already lost another £85. As it is... work tends to get a bit quiet for me in December, so I take all the jobs that come my way as I can't afford to be as selective as I usually am. Now this Giffgaff issue is **bleep**ing everything up. This is going to be an absolute nightmare as I am trying hard to raise as much money as possible to help a loved one who's in a lot of trouble. 
I am so **bleep**ing **bleep** off! I am going to speak to a lawyer I know and ask for advice on the best way to get compensation. I'll wait and see what the Giffgaff head office says. If I don't hear anything from them today, then I am also going to complain to Trading Standards. All those whose work has been affected by this problem, should demand compensation.
I am wondering if Giffgaff/O2 could have fixed the problemn almost immediately, but it would have probably cost them a lot?  So therefore, they decided to take the cheaper route in fixing it? Do you think this is a possibility?
Have any of you asked for compensation? If so, how did you do it?
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by: allan1954
on: 07/12/2018 | 11:55
giffgaff is covered in its terms conditions saying we can't guarantee service all the time so your demand will get nowhere.
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by: baconbutty
on: 07/12/2018 | 11:59

Good luck with that but I doubt Giffgaff are liable in the T&C's.

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by: koshka
on: 07/12/2018 | 12:34


3.5. Your use of the Services must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

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by: artov
on: 07/12/2018 | 12:39

I read this hoping it was a spoof post! Sadly not.


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by: andyslc
on: 07/12/2018 | 12:39

@koshka wrote:


3.5. Your use of the Services must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

Ouch! There’s your answer @emmanuelray. I don’t think you have a leg to stand on. 

Veni vidi dormivi
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by: bluenose5
on: 07/12/2018 | 13:01

Shows how much we rely on are networks and mobile phones. What did we all do before. Use the Red Telephone Boxes. 

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by: rosswinter
on: 07/12/2018 | 13:26 edited: 07/12/2018 | 13:29

It was annoying but it wasnt "the end of the world"...


I dont know what industry youre in but I'm in IT and when I design a service I consider its importance to the business and the risk and impact of it failing (all things fail)


If the risk or impact is high... I design a HA solution using enterprise grade tech. Its expensive but it will "always" work as I cant afford it not to.


If the risk and impact is low enough... I might let my guys skimp a little on the HA or accept some risk of outage.... I can afford to save on the initial outlay because the cost of taking the risk is low.


You have already identified the risk and impact of being out of contact to be high and yet you chose to invest in a low cost solution which you then compounded by factoring in no HA...


Yes yesterday was a PITA but your loss was a result of you underestimating your requirments. Take it as a learning point and move on Smiley Happy


Merry Christmas


Ross Smiley Happy

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by: mrbond007
on: 07/12/2018 | 13:29

Maybe from Ericsson 

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by: navi51
on: 07/12/2018 | 13:46
If a mobile phone is so vital to your existence and income then I suggest that you put your thought processes into gear and create a backup system for such situations which in the scheme of things are inevitable. Carry a spare sim or phone with a different carrier and have both you numbers available on your preferred channel. That way you can have a nice day.
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