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I am aaaway at he moment

Started by: 123kingarthur
On: 05/01/2019 | 09:12
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by: pamfletch
on: 06/01/2019 | 18:05

@123kingarthur wrote:

@pamfletch @madscouser69 My dear friends i am not too good i had a massive stoke and the clot they saw on the scan is as big as a tangerine I just fell to the floor and cold not move xx xx

@123kingarthur hi hon that’s bad! I think the problem with your eyes recently was the build up to the stroke maybe. It’s a good thing your daughters were with you and could phone quickly otherwise you might not have been found on time 😳 That doesn’t bear thinking about!💐💐

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by: themzbiker
on: 06/01/2019 | 18:14

Aww really sorry to hear this thinking of you also take care now
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by: gloriousiam
on: 06/01/2019 | 18:17

sorry to hear about that @123kingarthur. just dont loose your patient and power of will.

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by: basil1921
on: 06/01/2019 | 19:15
Very sorry to hear that. I hope you're soon in action again. Always enjoy your posts.
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by: madscouser69
on: 06/01/2019 | 19:45
Keep your chin up xx
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/01/2019 | 11:59
@frenchielove thank you my dear friend I cannot use my left side so it takes ages to type but worth it to say hello to you again xx
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by: 123kingarthur
on: 09/01/2019 | 12:23
@pamfletch I was crossing the landing at 3 am and just collapsed and was rushed to hospital wth a clot in my brain the size of a tangerine. the mri showed (that is bigger than my brain)
my left side is parallised but I am working on it. it is like Padington station in my flat now with people in and out all the time. xx
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by: ceecee2110
on: 09/01/2019 | 12:43
Oh goodness me @123kingarthur

I am so sorry to hear about your stroke.

Sending you my best wishes and hugs
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by: biker_chick_from_zarg
on: 09/01/2019 | 12:58

@123kingarthur Sorry to hear what's happened & hope you are on the mend very soon!  Wishing you a speedy recovery & sending hugs & happiness your way!  Best wishes, Aimee x



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by: pamfletch
on: 10/01/2019 | 15:08

@123kingarthur I hope you’re not speeding around your flat in your racing chair!😂 get well soon hon.😉


@biker_chick_from_zarg hi Aimee are the flowers edible? They look a bit waxy on the screen. All your stuff looks good 🤗

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