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I have a new job!

Started by: oliveredmunds
On: 06/03/2013 | 18:51
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by: oliveredmunds
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:51 edited: 06/03/2013 | 19:02

I have got a brand new job working at Armani Exchange!!

I am only 17 and have worked at River Island and now this Smiley Very Happy

It is in Leeds if anyone knows where that is but I can't wait!!




If anyone wants any clothes from River island let me know!

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by: mrmartyn1984
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:52
Well done 😃
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by: misswotsit
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:52
Congratulations!! Well done you Smiley Very Happy
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by: nerakb
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:53

CongratulationsSmiley Very Happy

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by: brulaw
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:54

Well done  , hope you enjoy it and have a great time . 

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by: immrgiggles
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:55

Well done you.

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by: ellilofthouse
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:57

Wow!! You sound like you're doing pretty well for 17! I'm 18 and all I've had is an internship (unpaid learning job) for about 6 months at a local web business! Congratulations!

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by: sherwood
on: 06/03/2013 | 18:57
Congratulations - hope it all goes well!
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by: oliveredmunds
on: 06/03/2013 | 19:02
That sucks :/
Im doing web design on the side as well which is doing okay making me a few £££ on the side Smiley Happy
But seen as I am leaving River Island, If anyone wants any clothes let me know!!
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