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In-vehicle Bluetooth recommendations please ?

Started by: patchandcrew
On: 19/02/2019 | 00:39
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by: patchandcrew
on: 23/02/2019 | 23:33

@amg_x  That one is more than a new bluetooth stereo tbh so I would go a new stereo really. I nipped into halfords [ only cos its local ], they have three stereo+cd bluetooth but only one compatable with android [ apparently ] so I will see what else is around in similar price bracket. The guy reckoned none of the low price transmitter type gadgets can do what I want [ use the vehicle stereo and mute for calls with the calls going through the speakers ] except one unit at a ridiculous £250. This is the sticking point for me, wanting to use the stereo for music, and calls going through the speakers via bluetooth :/ 

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