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Installing Ubuntu 11.04 Tips or Tweaks?

Started by: u_ghafoor
On: 21/05/2011 | 01:21
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by: u_ghafoor
on: 21/05/2011 | 01:21
As the title says. I'm sort of experienced with linux now. Know my way around, just wondering if anyone had any recommendations or wanted to warn me or any glitches or anything like that.

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by: allan1954
on: 21/05/2011 | 07:10
i once had linux on a couple of netbooks i realy liked it linpus lite and ubuntu no virus quick boot up the only trouble was then no dongles would work on them. i know now that linux will work with mifi type dongles but there use is mostly for surfing i never had any isues.
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by: isabel1066
on: 21/05/2011 | 08:17
i have used linpus i liked it but you are limited to programs not like windows which everything is made for.
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by: severian
on: 21/05/2011 | 11:17 edited: 21/05/2011 | 11:33

The Register have an interesting review on 11.04 here, the main big change seems to be the move from GNOME 3 to their Unity Desktop by default.  It seems to have split opinion for many people.


@isabel1066 There's always WINE or failing that, a virtual install of Windows.  My desktop pc is over 5 years old and can run XP on Virtualbox without any problems.  It's great for the one or two windows applications I need now and then.


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by: shuaib
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:58
is 11.04 out? I thought it was 10.04
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by: heathercharters
on: 25/05/2011 | 02:15

I haven't played around with 11.04 hugely but I do think it's a vast improvement over the old Gnome 2 desktop, don't like the way it restricts how you get to your applications though. I always use the alt-F2 to launch applications instead of searching through the menu search box.


One tip I can give is to get those pesky minimize,maximize buttons to the right side of the windows from the mac-style left hand side.


alt-F2 and type      gconf-editor

go to apps > metacity > general in the side tree and locate button_layout in the main window.


modify that to whatever order you want, you need a colon to separate the left from the right of the window and a comma to separate the buttons so for example you might want menu:minimize,maximize,close for a standard windows style button layout or you could just get rid of some buttons and have :maximize,close for just those two buttons on the right hand side. This is something that always annoyed me with the themes in ubuntu, the lack of consistency with the button placements

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by: heathercharters
on: 25/05/2011 | 02:17

Another thing about 11.04 is that you can have the old style Gnome desktop if you want, on the log in screen there's an option at the bottom of the page to select it, you can change it back on your next log in the same way

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by: owenmurr
on: 25/05/2011 | 02:38
Dont use unity :L you will get annoyed with it keep with gnome Smiley Happy
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by: edgley
on: 25/05/2011 | 09:54
Move on to a more advanced distro.

Slackware or Arch.
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by: severian
on: 25/05/2011 | 10:13

edgley wrote:
Move on to a more advanced distro.

Slackware or Arch.

Or Crunchbang! Smiley Very Happy




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