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Is Birmingham antisemitic?

Started by: chapman1962
On: 20/10/2018 | 00:14
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by: sandramoakley6
on: 26/10/2018 | 21:44
a **bleep** can be a bunndle of sticks tied up and burnt on a fire of a yummy black country dish
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by: magspider
on: 23/12/2018 | 03:21


@revjonty wrote:

Birming-yam would be better.


I second this motion.

[ No spiders were harmed in the making of this post ]

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by: orlf
on: 16/01/2019 | 02:30

@chapman1962 wrote:

We live in a diverse world, shouldn't we just call it Birmingkosherchicken? Or to appease the vegans as well maybe Birmingcarrot.

This one's a definite for me!

I'm Orlf. It's a Norwegian name.
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