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Jeremy Kyle taken off air

Started by: eileenusher
On: 13/05/2019 | 22:07
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by: eileenusher
on: 13/05/2019 | 22:07

Taken off air after some one dies a week after appearing on it, itv are investigating. 

Hopefully they'll keep it off as its a bismal horrible show. 

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by: jayyr
on: 13/05/2019 | 22:14

I agree entirely it's a show aimed mostly at baiting people many of who have obvious social issues. Every now and then they throw a nice story in, siblings reunited etc. As for the lie detector shows, there's a reason they're not admissible in court and I have no doubt relationships have ended needlessly due to this show.

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by: varun1234
on: 13/05/2019 | 22:25
I hope it has. Yes it's funny but it's people's actual lives. I'd always thought it was fake until I was told it was real
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by: standardbearer
on: 13/05/2019 | 23:39
Never watched it.
The only thing ive noticed as I flip through the channels is Jeremy Kyle sometimes takes a non aggressive stance by sitting on the floor well away from others.
A tactic often used to get information without getting someone on the defensive
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by: catweazle1961
on: 13/05/2019 | 23:41


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by: dave99
on: 14/05/2019 | 00:10
It must be pretty serious that it’s immediately off air, no repeats will be shown, no on demand available on ITV Play and no new episodes filmed.

Did he have a rant and belittle someone who then committed suicide?
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by: dolly247
on: 14/05/2019 | 05:20
The bloke chose to go on the show, even getting a doctors report saying it was OK. Then chose not to take his morphine based arthritis medication so as not to affect the lie detector results. Which he failed. So his fiance chucked him out cz he chose to cheat on her.
Then he chose to take his life within a few days of reconnecting with his son and learning he was a grandfather.
We can't blame JK for the bloke making these choices. Sorry. x
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by: nefarius
on: 14/05/2019 | 05:32

Appearing on the show is optional. 

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by: lemon444
on: 14/05/2019 | 06:01

I was in a garage waiting room a few months ago, waiting to collecting a car, and they had Jeremy Kyle showing on the TV. I couldn't believe how bad the show was. I don't honestly understand how anyone can watch it.


I only saw about 15 minutes of one show, but found it very distateful. I hope the show is scrapped for good.

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