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Started by: junk_email_account
On: 06/07/2015 | 02:00
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by: junk_email_account
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:00
Did anyone ever figure out what the klout tie in with gg was?

Everything seems to have gone very quiet about it and I couldn't get it to work
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by: gordie10
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:17

Was? It's still going. And they've actually stepped it up a bit lately, as you can now see other people's Klout profiles via their giffgaff community profiles (but only if they've connected the two, of course).

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by: zaineefazy
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:18
Is there anyone know how to check private num
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by: zaineefazy
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:20
Coz some one is calling me from unknown num i wanna know
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by: junk_email_account
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:37
A previous thread discussed klout. Some of us knew what klout was, some of us didn't know. Both groups tried to link klout to gg with varying degrees of success.
While I didn't know what klout is, I tried and failed to link as per the instructions.
Since May2015, there doesn't seem to have been any further decipherments or promotion of this tie in within gg
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by: junk_email_account
on: 06/07/2015 | 02:38
Developments, that should read!
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by: danshevik
on: 06/07/2015 | 11:27

To remove your accounts from klout:

If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane.
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by: gsklb04
on: 06/07/2015 | 11:56
I think they must be getting paid to promote it.
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by: allan1954
on: 06/07/2015 | 12:02
thought we were getting £1 payback that never apeared.
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