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Lenovo A820 quad core dual sim now £99.00

Started by: woodyuk
On: 21/04/2013 | 12:03
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by: sweetjaysus
on: 27/09/2014 | 18:17

Me personally, Im waiting for lenovo to release a 4g dual sim, hd screen etc.


I think I finally get this brand loyalty thing albeit better to be loyal to a £130 phone rather than a £500....baaaaa

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by: sweetjaysus
on: 04/10/2014 | 18:05

Hello..........erm anyone here ?


Anyone figure out how to backup files when using the network drive within the file manager ( A830 ) , 200gb of storage btw.




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by: lifeishard2014
on: 04/10/2014 | 23:13
Thanks 4 the infor
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by: headcoat
on: 12/10/2014 | 20:46

I think I have bricked my phone...I deleted a couple of programs, email and another one, and now its stuck on the etotalk screen? 


Any ideas what I can do?



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by: headcoat
on: 13/10/2014 | 09:16

I have managed to get it back to factory settings, after following one of the very early posts, however now the touch screen is very erratic

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by: headcoat
on: 13/10/2014 | 13:55

After a big of searching, it turns out I have stupily loaded the A830 Rom, which can have disastourous effects on the touch screen. I managed to find one fix for this, but its not working for me. 


Does anyone else have any ideas?

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by: insaneclown
on: 21/10/2014 | 14:27
got a landvo l800 s samsung s5 clone **bleep** hot fone runs on kitkat android at fraction ov price ov s5 at £58.00 as face n finger print reconition decend 13mp cam 1gb rom 4 gb ram 1.4 ghz 4 core so not propa fast but stil fast at gaming on games i play decent fone all round
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by: g_mk_data
on: 23/10/2014 | 11:48 edited: 02/11/2014 | 13:16


Anyone any Lenovo A820 experience of putting the LAMBDA ROM onto a phone that has had the internal memory repartitioned ?


ie my ex-Etotalk ROMd A820 that I had converted from 2GB+2GB to 

"Default write disk: SD storage [only choice]

"Internal storage: Total space 3.62GB"

as per my previous popular posting:


I ask as while away on holiday last week the phone developed an incessant "... has stopped" for:

android.process.acore and lots of and some Google Play.

and to get some functionality going while wandering around Scotland I restored it via CWM to factory.


So thought now back home I should bite the bullet and set it up again afresh with what appears to be most popular ROM but just had the thought re the re-partitioning MIGHT affect things, hence the question before I start.


Otherwise any other ROM advice guys ?


2/11/14: Just to update this guyz - have successfully updated with Lambda ROM and managed to keep memory expanded after! Will write up in a new posting v.soon.

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by: g_mk_data
on: 02/11/2014 | 18:20 edited: 02/11/2014 | 18:30

Updating my A820 from Etotalk ROM to Lambda v2.4.x ROM
(with A820 memory already repartitioned from 2+2GB to 4GB)

Having looked at various postings on this thread,
I watched the YouTube video and text at


As my Lenovo A820 from Etotalk summer 2013 was already an Etotalk ROM, rooted & not locked
with the memory repartition as I described here...


ie already had on my A820 with CWM v6.0.1.2 from the memory repartition


So I decided I just needed to clear data and flash the new Lambda ROM from SD card


So once I'd decided there was nothing in the phone (as opposed to files I wanted on the SD card),
I turned off the phone, removed battery and SIM cards and microSD card.


Registered at the Needrom site
as referenced here


I got three files from there and saved them in a folder on a new 32GB microSD card


I also put in the ROOT directory of the card on basis it was later CWM... and S... version by Cappa72
CWM for A820 with S150 by Cappa72
though can't find my note currently as to where I found it


Started up the phone into RECOVERY MODE (with a fully charged battery)
via triple key press Vol+/Vol-/Power until something appears on display then release all keys.


Then I just Wiped cache partition


It was only after I'd done my update I saw with another ROM writeup their recommended
clear out before updating, ie using CWM to do four things...
• wipe data/factory reset
• wipe cache partition
• mounts and storage>format /system
• advanced>wipe dalvik cache


I then went on Install zip from sdcard - the Full Lambda v2.4 ROM


The Lambda Installer was very elegant & prompted as per the YouTube video


Within 10 minutes, including me writing down what it/I was doing, it was installed.


Started up without any worrying hiccups into Android/Google setup
and asked for a phone SIM to be inserted, so I shut down & did as requested.


Then once had phone going, Went into System status & memory reports to see what was showing..

Reported as
Lenovo A820 Android 4.1.2
Baseband version A820.V16, 2013/03/04 15:18


Storage was what I had been worried about due to the repartition merge of the 2+2GB
and it showed a worrying report with ONLY...
 Internal Storage 3.62GB available 2.58GB
 SD Card just showing greyed out: Mount SD card. Insert an SD card for mounting


Looked back to my posting from the previous memory repartition and saw the
'Disable internal SD after repartition' routine so ran that with crossed fingers.
ie "Run the Disable SD script
so in CWM... install zip from sdcard... and choose zip from SD card...


After that success in Storage with:
Default write disk = SD Card [set this radio button]
Internal storage 3.62/2.61
SD card 29.71/29.23
ie back to having the 4GB (well 3.62) and 32GB (well 29.71).


As before, with the 4GB repartition the only other place to adjust memory
is within the Camera App
ie initial menu (bottom left) and first screen's 'Storage' set to SD instead of Phone.


Having reloaded about 20 of my favourite apps...
Storage: Internal Storage 3.62GB, avaialble 2.02GB
Apps: Internal storage used 1.5GB, 2.1GB free; SD storage loads of apps using.

So nowadays it's just the idea of 1MB RAM being mean (though CleanMaster App very useful for housekeeping.)


Went back into Recovery mode and installed the extra 2 zips
ie the v2.4.1 update and the XBMC fix. Both ran through without any apparent errors.

Finally for updating Used MobileUncle MTK Tools from Play Store
to update the CWM to the later A820 with S150 version just in case useful
ie using Recovery Update to select the .img file from the SD's root directory.


Nice features noticed so far...
a. Just seems snappier generally
b. A few apps get GPS information readily whereas was slow or unavailable/missing before
c. Having % battery in status bar is cool, though more alarming
d. Radio app working without headphone/aerial

e. Google Calendar runs! (I and some others didn't have that working on Etotalk ROM).

Only two oddities in 24hrs of usage so far:
a. It froze up when first paired a Bluetooth speaker with it, but worked since
b. Contact Manager ie Lenovo IdeaFriend has downloaded later/latest version
but whereas I'm used to it self-updating at end this just says update with the .apk
and when I try it refuses to update saying
"An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed."


Meanwhile been watching out for 4G LTE HD faster systems...

15 months on and I see specs have leapt forwards for the c£125 I paid for A820...
eg 4G LTE Octa Core 1.7GHz Android 4.4 5"HD 13MP NFC Fingerprint...

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by: g_mk_data
on: 12/11/2014 | 20:40
Just a quick update re my A820 with Lambda ROM as upgraded over a week ago. I have ZERO regrets about the 'upgrade'. Seems snappier and longer battery life than before. Everything working fine except that Contacts/Dialer App update, indeed various things working far better with location information. Totally recommend it Smiley Happy
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