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Like My Youtube skincare Vlogs?

Started by: emmanuelray
On: 16/11/2017 | 12:17
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by: emmanuelray
on: 16/11/2017 | 12:17 edited: 16/11/2017 | 15:03

Hello everyone! Just started doing vlogs on youtube about skincare. 


The first one on Waxing for Men has received over 13k views but the others haven't got that much at all. The waxing before and aftercare seems to have received interest from the ladies too.


It's a process I guess, and I am totally new to Vlogging. There's a lot of work to do in terms of promoting the vlogs and getting more views, subscriptions etc. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time, and have finally started, despite some friends saying I am way too old to start out as a Vlogger. 


I thought I'd share it with you and see if any of you are interested. You can subscribe and comment with your honest feedback on the youtube videos if you like. All support greatly appreciated, thank you. If you would like to comment, please do so in the Comments box under the video on youtube. This would help encourage more viewers to hare their feedback. 


Hope at least some of you find this useful. Here's the link 

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by: frenchielove
on: 16/11/2017 | 13:14

Just watched the eye cream one @emmanuelray very good, thanks, good luck 

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by: misskaux
on: 16/11/2017 | 13:20
I like the how to moisturise one that will come in handy
as I haven't got a clue
good luck with your channel.
I am going to subscribe.
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by: emmanuelray
on: 16/11/2017 | 14:21
Thank you. It'll help if you add the comment on YouTube, under the video, the the "Comments" box as that is what really counts.
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by: emmanuelray
on: 16/11/2017 | 14:22
Thank you very much. It'll help if you add the comment on YouTube, under the video, in the the "Comments" box as that is what really counts. Every Comment helps.
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