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MOTD Giffgaff Fantasy Football League

Started by: yaakov1
On: 29/06/2011 | 11:40
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by: yaakov1
on: 29/06/2011 | 11:40

Match of the day ahve a football fantasy league, and when it starts for the 2011/2012 season i (or someone) will create a Giffgaff League with the password giffgaff, so all players can join in.

To go to the MOTD fantasy football page go here  but remember it hasnt started yet.

More news to come, whent he start of the season gets closer.

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by: dovia
on: 29/06/2011 | 11:43
You must be happy with the De Gea signing. Seems a very good prospect.
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by: subasht
on: 29/06/2011 | 11:51
thanks for the invite, will join this summer
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by: maheed
on: 29/06/2011 | 11:51
Really good
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by: dovia
on: 29/06/2011 | 11:52

Its definitely somewhat a contrast, discussing 19millon transfer fees in one post and cutting pensioners' state pension in another. Oh the topsy turvy world we live in

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by: kelvinlewis
on: 29/06/2011 | 12:01
Looks like it could be good fun, hope I remember to join when it starts. Smiley Happy
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by: yaakov1
on: 29/06/2011 | 12:02
If you post here saying 'Update me',ill pm you when it starts.
Let me know if you want to be reminded, cos we want to make a massive league, and hopefully one of the giffgaff teams will win.
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