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MP's to get 10% pay rise

Started by: alancree
On: 12/05/2015 | 22:33
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by: alancree
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:33
I wish I could give myself a 10% pay rise
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by: natasha_smith
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:34
I'd settle for 5%
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by: lifeishard2014
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:35
10% pay rise
For doing nothing
Just sitting on there behinds
And messing ppls lives up...
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by: shadzyy
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:36

In 5 years alot of things will rise thanks to new government

That would be including

number of people living in poverty

Less educated young due to huge tuition fee rise

More people out of work and yh did I mention the more people would be regarding about the vote like the protest happened in the parliament area? Smiley Very Happy

Next 5 year would be freaking awesome I tell ya Smiley Very Happy
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by: jeffpeps
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:37
The public should be allowed to give them a cut in there money , see how they like it 🇬🇧
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by: ashanda
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:38
They do a bang up job, deserve every penny. Anyone seen a pig fly?
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by: ceejays
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:40

well now they need a rise dont they.  now there expenses are under more scrutiny.I would not mind being ten bob behind any of them

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by: robpoole01
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:44

at least they've got their priorities straight then, a new term of office and what's the first thing they do...?

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by: gizzblue
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:45
How blinking typical, just what they all needed
bless them.
This time of year swimming pools and grounds need tending .Plus they all worked extra hard for the last month.But hey just dip in the never ending tax payers pot.
Just before cutting the country to ribbons.

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