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MPs to have a say in Brexit

Started by: andyslc
On: 07/12/2016 | 08:34
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by: andyslc
on: 07/12/2016 | 08:34

Theresa May is to give MPs a vote on the plan for Brexit. 


Brexit: MPs to vote on Article 50 timetable -


Having watched some of both arguments at the supreme court over the last couple of days it is clear the government have wasted a vast sum of money pursuing a case they cannot win. Lord Pannick (got to love the name)  demolished the governments case which was unconvincingly put by the QC. 


Key to the argument is that there is no where in legislation where Parliament has surrendered or intimated its intention to surrender its decision making power to the crown (current government). 


Yesterday's announcement by Theresa May and the short notice of the vote seems to me to be an underhand way of gaining that surrender. 


One has to question why our current government is so desperate to bypass Parliament. Given that the use of the prerogative power will have a wide ranging impact on domestic law,  particularly governing rights of individuals, what changes to UK law is our PM planning that require such a precedent as she is seeking now? 


I struggle to see Brexit as the only issue here as to pursue such a costly and divisive course when Parliament is realistically not going to vote Brexit down must have a greater consequence than that which the government portrays. 


The words snake and grass spring to mind. 


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by: richard_soponski
on: 07/12/2016 | 08:52

It will all end in tears (all definitions)

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by: carrow1
on: 07/12/2016 | 09:21
Our elected representatives must be allowed to have their say a selected few would be wrong.
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by: superhans
on: 07/12/2016 | 09:22
The problem is that the remainers instead of supporting democracy are trying to fight it. We were told the government would implement the result of the referendum, and now we are being told that they said it was advisory, which was not the case. If instead of being whining snowflakes, people had just got on with it, we could be plotting the strongest exit from the corruption zone.
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by: arahant
on: 07/12/2016 | 09:55 edited: 07/12/2016 | 10:21

occassionally the word gets mention "single market" and staying in it but both side are careful not to say those words to often i notice. That's what the truth of the matter is, the remainers want there debate so they can block exit from the single market which means no control over immigration. that's what it boils down too. Remainers wanting to stay in the customs union and so if that was to happen and then we have to keep freedom of movement what was the whole point of having a referendum in the first place. I just know the end result will be staying in the EU by the back door and wouldn't be surprised if this has been the goverments plan all along while outwardly saying we respect the referendum result but secrelty this whole plan of the courts and debate or vote in parliment was a ruse to stay in all be it like the norway model. Tony Blair is behind this somehow and all the other blair-rights.

I just hope Sleaford sends out a message if they vote UKIP in or it comes a close 2nd.

or am i wrong there isn't a conspiracy to stay in the single market?


it's completely obvious to me the number one reason why people voted to leave the EU was immigration yet we get this constant fudging by remain campaigners saying we voted for the exit but not the terms. What a load of old tosh and it would be a betrayal of the vote if we were to not get power over our borders and immigration policy which since 2004 when it was 50,000 per year has since then year on year gone up to 330,000 and will continue to do so for the nxt 10 years. Yes immigration has been good, i am not against it but i would loike controls in place so we have the power if we want to reduce the lower skills immigration whilst balancing it with say granting  furit workers easy work permit access. If there was some way this could happen without leaving the eu i would be all for it but there isn't.


if we stay in the single market keep freedom of movement we may as well just have stayed in and not bothered having a referendum and if we get deceived like i think we going to be then just wait until the next general election and ukip grow.

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by: beautiful01
on: 07/12/2016 | 10:05
Just get us out
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by: ferguswelsh
on: 07/12/2016 | 10:12
They say its a democracy, yet the government are doing all they can to stifle the democratic process. Ubelievable. The public have spoken
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by: andyslc
on: 07/12/2016 | 11:44

This is not about the stifling of democracy it's about saving it. Regardless of the motive of those that brought the case the government is seeking to use prerogative power to overturn what will essentially be domestic law. Prerogative powers are used in foreign matters such as treaties but the 72 Act changed that by integrating foreign laws with ours.


The referendum act was a statutory act of Parliament and did not confer anything other than that there would be a referendum on our membership of the EU. Parliament asked the people what they wanted and parliament should now decide, not the government, with due consideration of the people's wish. To do otherwise would set a dangerous legal precedent. That our PM is hell bent on surpassing parliament should be of concern to everyone.

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by: superhans
on: 07/12/2016 | 12:27

The referendum was not advisory as they later claimed.  That is the problem, it should be passed by Parliament with 100 percent compliance 

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by: arahant
on: 07/12/2016 | 12:39 edited: 07/12/2016 | 13:02

they only want it to go to parliment so they can block a full brexit and stay in the single market end off we are not stupid. If that plan come to fruitition nothing has changed and yet again the EU over turns a democratic vote like they have done on at least 2 previous occassions to other countries that voted no. we will still have to pay into the eu coffers and accept freedom of movement. that's why anna soubry looked so smug the other day even though her constituents voted 54.6% to leave with a turnout of 78.3% in Broxtowe, to the EU. Call that democracy? aren't her constituents supposed to be represented rather than her own personal wishes?


I just wish polititions would just get it out in the open what they want instead of smudge talk. For instance the red lines. if the remainers red line is not leaving the single market then just say it don't treat us as idiots and if the goverment wants to really respect the vote then get on and leave the single market and leave the eu already. We all know Labours posisition is to keep us in the single market and quite a few Tory's too, yet no one wants to say that now and be open about it they would rather wait until the last minute then have a vote on the terms then vote to keep us in the single market. The whole thing stinks of Blair and deceit especially over those hedge fund millionairs that brought the case to court and I am in 2 minds whether the goverment is in on it as well.

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