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Started by: 1hale
On: 22/01/2011 | 13:24
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by: 1hale
on: 22/01/2011 | 13:24
Mad Cow Mobile the mobile review site is now open for business. Youu can visit it at the following address: and it works on mobile phones as well. So visit today, register with your giffgaff username and then get set reviewing. If you need any help with using the site please pm admin and I'll help
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by: lordofangels
on: 22/01/2011 | 13:28

great, the colours need toning down a tad though.


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by: adamivison
on: 22/01/2011 | 13:29
I second that lol

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by: 1hale
on: 22/01/2011 | 14:32
I was only playing about for the first try but will get it right in the end
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by: panther97
on: 22/01/2011 | 14:53
Whats my name? I pm'ed you my email.

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by: panther97
on: 22/01/2011 | 15:10
My new name is Panther. Shoulden't I be an Admin? I came up with the idea.

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by: panther97
on: 22/01/2011 | 15:16
And how is Brulaw an admin? It's only the three of us.

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by: jamesdn
on: 22/01/2011 | 15:19

Oh my life, I just went on there and had a seizure.

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by: xmob
on: 22/01/2011 | 15:44

A review site isn't much use if you can't read the reviews (without first signing up).  Smiley Indifferent

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by: coloncancer
on: 22/01/2011 | 15:51
[or if you can't read it due to the 'intense' colour scheme] Smiley Happy
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