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Messed up a bit, didn't I? :P

Started by: tuneintestaccount
On: 03/12/2018 | 15:35
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by: tuneintestaccount
on: 03/12/2018 | 15:35

Needed to use my secondary phone, with my Giffgaff SIM, (thankfully I'd bought both) the other day as my primary phone (on EE) had almost run out of battery, and I needed that phone for calls just in case. (Not a lot you can do on 8% battery!)

Thankfully I was able to get what I needed to do, done on Giffgaff, and thankfully, I also loaded my SIM up with enough credit to get me through, if the SIM needs to be used in quick notice.

The great thing about giffgaff is that you can switch from PAYG to a goodybag quite quickly, or vice versa, and since I didn't need to use much data, I thought I was fine on PAYG.

Juct checked today and I used 174MB of data, which isn;t much, but it did turn out to just under £7.70 of credit down the drain...

If I'd have known this, I'd have grabbed a £7.50 goodybag with 2GB data! Smiley Tongue

Oh well... nevermind. It's not the primary SIM anyway, so having goodybags constantly recurring would not be a useful way of managing resources, either.


Has anyone else around here forgot to put on a goodybag when they needed one, and found out the hard way afterwards? Or is everyone else on here super organized? Smiley Very Happy


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by: k89bpa
on: 03/12/2018 | 17:14
In a similar situation I'd have swapped my SIM from the phone with the dead battery into the phone with the full battery and thus not paid anything extra.

Huawei P20 Pro | 9.0.0 | Data Plan: 80GB

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 03/12/2018 | 17:18


Hello no I haven’t do the maths £10 gets you 200mb data @5p Mb 

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by: tuneintestaccount
on: 03/12/2018 | 17:30

Yeah, good idea there, trouble is the main phone uses a Nano SIM, and also requires the use of a SIM tray tool to get the SIM out of it, which I don't carry with me as they are so easy to lose. The Giffgaff is a Micro SIM.

I should have done the calculations and shoved a goodybag on!
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by: k89bpa
on: 03/12/2018 | 17:34
I have a SIM tool tray on my keyring @tuneintestaccount, a safety pin fastened to the inside of a jacket/coat works just as well.

But yeah, the different SIM size would be an issue you'd have that I wouldn't. All my devices are nano SIM.

Only problem I'd potentially face for the next three months is the fact that the P20 is network locked, (free to unlock after three months), so I can only use it with a SIM from my primary network.

Huawei P20 Pro | 9.0.0 | Data Plan: 80GB

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by: tuneintestaccount
on: 03/12/2018 | 22:48
Yeah, that's a good idea @k89bpa, I might carry a safety pin in case of needing to swap the SIM across. Or I could just buy a goodybag and cover myself in these eventualities Smiley Tongue

My secondary phone is a Galaxy S4, hence the need for a Micro SIM. I suppose it could be done, but I'd have to mess around with adapters, not to mention the risk of losing either one of the SIMs, or one of the adapters, therefore it's not really practical to switch SIMs all of the time. Out of interest, I still have a 6 year old Samsung phone, which takes a standard sized SIM (not many phones take these anymore!) but that's about had it nowadays!

I bought my phones outright so thankfully unlocked from the start Smiley Happy
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by: nefarius
on: 03/12/2018 | 22:52

How did you pay for the bill? With your payback? Smiley Very Happy



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by: gvmhb
on: 03/12/2018 | 23:14 edited: 03/12/2018 | 23:15

I have been caught out once or twice, but I'm usually pretty careful. It's never cost me quite that much.
My spare phone has a Three sim in, so 174Mb of data would only cost me £1.74 Smiley Wink

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