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Monday Blues

Started by: pinks29
On: 04/02/2019 | 12:11
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by: pinks29
on: 04/02/2019 | 12:11

Anyone suffer from. Monday blues?


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by: 67red12
on: 04/02/2019 | 12:22
@pinks29 I suffer with everyday blues lol, but joking aside my worst day is Sundays as I just spend the whole day thinking about work on Monday, the weekend goes far too quickly, but then as I live alone it can also drag , never seems to be a happy medium either, I seem to spend a whole weekend being busy or the other extreme not seeing a single soul until I go back to work Monday & being inside the whole weekend, perhaps we will all feel a bit better once the warmer weather /spring arrives x
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by: ukrun
on: 04/02/2019 | 12:37
Yes @pinks29
We have been announced Friday to wear the theme Blue today.
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by: pinks29
on: 04/02/2019 | 12:58

@67red12. Well at least you have a sense of humour. Think it's lack of sunshine although the sun has come out here. My trouble is not enough time and lots to do, doing my volunteering at local hospital today, love it as meet lots of nice people (some grumpy). Small hospital great team we have a laugh. Live in a tourist attraction place, plenty of people there too, so although I live alone I'm not alone, nice to get away sometimes, to the seaside as love the sea, find it calming and there's always an ice cream shop for a nice cornet, no matter what the weather. 

Have a good day 



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by: frenchielove
on: 04/02/2019 | 12:59

Strange isn’t it @pinks29 when I w at school, on Sunday evenings when I heard a theme tune on the TV, my stomach would churn and I would be filked with dread for the next day. At work, same thing, i wouldn’t say blues, so much as dread 🤗

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by: pinks29
on: 04/02/2019 | 13:42

@frenchielove. Know that feeling, used to feel the same about school, even played truant once, never again was in big trouble with school and my mum.


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by: dartgirl
on: 04/02/2019 | 14:04
Remember that Song I don't like Mondays well that's Me.
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by: gvmhb
on: 04/02/2019 | 14:23
I don't generally suffer from the Monday blues. I've been self-employed for many years and often work weekends.
Anyway, I enjoy work if it's not giving me too much stress at the time.

I do suffer from ramdom blues though, sometimes for a specific reason, and sometimes when there's not obvious reason at all Smiley Frustrated
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by: c_lockett
on: 04/02/2019 | 14:56
Yes me @pinks29 it's bad enough when I'm at work. But when I'm off like today, I'd like to sleep the day away.
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by: bigdaddy0714
on: 04/02/2019 | 15:11
Na I suffer from everyday blues 😁
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