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Most common phone used on giffgaff forum - add your make and model

Started by: timwilliams25
On: 19/03/2017 | 10:25
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by: linzc85
on: 07/04/2017 | 18:18
Alcatel shine light works great
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by: sjle3
on: 07/04/2017 | 19:10
LG G3 plus Iphone 7
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by: alantony1
on: 07/04/2017 | 19:17

Can someone explain to me why my phone a samsung A3 16GB 2017 is any where between 80 to 100 pound dearer than the same phone but a 2016.They both have the same specs.Just curious.Thanks. 

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by: eddiej56
on: 07/04/2017 | 20:14

Samsung Galaxy S6 

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by: dragon84
on: 07/04/2017 | 20:16
iphone 5 in black
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by: solid247
on: 07/04/2017 | 20:43 edited: 07/04/2017 | 20:49
@gvmhb .... About 2years pros its easy to use out the box , the cams great which I use most , it picks up giffgaff signal better than my sisters iPhone 5s , its duel sim , handy for work , plays music at at descent quality , has good storage on the phone, for plenty apps , the battery is not to bad , if google updates are behaving !!
Cons are its fairly heavy and has a annoying habit of rebooting just when your ending a long text Smiley Wink and that's all iv time for but for 62 quid its a bargain
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by: houndontheloose
on: 08/04/2017 | 07:30
Moto G4 (white).
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by: alantony1
on: 08/04/2017 | 09:16
@timwilliams25 thank you for the link.Given me some info i didn't know. There is very little difference between the two i still don't think it warrants the price difference. But thank you.
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by: darrenperfett
on: 08/04/2017 | 12:34
I have a oneplus X, only cost me £200, sim free direct from supplier, good specification, good quality video playback, camera,etc, have had it nearly two years, will replace when battery goes later on and will probably be another oneplus mobile
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