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Need some help opening Docs on my new LG POP

Started by: jungfreud
On: 30/01/2011 | 18:39
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by: jungfreud
on: 30/01/2011 | 18:39

cannot open docx on GD510


If i create a new word 2007 doc and save to desktop, then transfer to my phone, it does not go to documents file on phone, but sits in "other" folder, and says its not cnpatible format. any ideas

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by: panther97
on: 30/01/2011 | 18:44
I have an LG Pop and I should be able to know this.

Thats strange, it goes to documents on mine?

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by: jungfreud
on: 30/01/2011 | 19:02

the file i created is sitting on the desktop i went to my lg pc suite, selected file manager then clicked on the file and d/l to phone. did this withabout 5-6 docs all say unsupprted

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