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Not a good start

Started by: frenchielove
On: 05/12/2016 | 09:09
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by: nat9319
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:37
Yep @littlechris1989, new car, new house, new dog, all in the space of a week, it's been a bit hectic, but so far, so good!

Have yourself an awesome week too ☺
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by: littlechris1989
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:41

@nat9319 Wow that sounds very busy! Are you renting?


Hope you still have some money for Christmas presents!


Aww I really want to get a pet soon too Smiley Happy



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by: c_lockett
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:48
Hope all is ok with the car. Typical these things happening before Christmas.
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by: 7whales
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:49

Hi @frenchielove, sorry to hear of your car's problem.


Some suggestions while you're waiting to go to the dealer, if you haven't done so already:

Have any warning lights come on when you start the car?

Have you or anyone looked under the hood to see if the oil reservoir dip stick is low, same with the radiator fluid tank?  Check the power steering fluid too if you can. If the drive belt is worn out, (only a visual check if you can see it) that could be an expensive repair.  Don't try any of these with the car running of course.

Has anyone looked under your car with a flashlight, to see if there appears to be any leaks?

Have you recently changed your brand of petrol, or used a lower octane one to save money?

I once used the regular 87 octane in my big V-8's engine after using the mid-grade fuel for many years, and with the lower octane the engine starting pinging loudly to complain. Noise went away as soon as the higher octane petrol was again used.


Surprised that the dealer would make you wait for a repair slot if it may be a worrisome problem for you. On this side of the pond, while the dealers prefer you to call first to make an appointment, many people drive in without calling first (myself included), and while they may have to wait longer to have their car serviced, usually it can be done the same day if you arrive early enough to have them finally get to see your car, at least to diagnose the problem. Is your car still under warranty, as that may save you some cash if it is. Are you a member of the RAC, or similar, just in case you need a tow?


In any case, just take it easy when driving to the dealer, and hopefully it'll be something minor and inexpensive.


Hope I haven't added to your worry as it could be something very minor.  Just trying to suggest some easy checks that could be done before you leave for the dealer.


Good luck, let us know how it turns out afterwards.



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by: nat9319
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:55
@littlechris1989, yeah, it's rented... I was saving up for a house, & for a 23 year old I had a very nice stash set aside for that, but life's not always a team player & all of my 'disposable' income got spent, so the majority of the cost of my new car came from the house fund.

But yeah, luckily, if I take more from my savings I still have more than enough to buy presents for the family ☺

I have 2 dogs, plus 1 that I'm dog-sitting for, I love them, they make me smile every day 😊
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by: littlechris1989
on: 05/12/2016 | 10:59

@nat9319 Yeah life can do that to you at times and not play fair.


I think if you are happy then that is the main thing. After Christmas you can start that saving pot again. Keep putting some money aside each month and you will get a good saving again Smiley Happy


2 dogs sounds like great company!

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by: isabel1066
on: 05/12/2016 | 11:31
Thought you would have give them a call 📞 to see if any appointments first.
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by: frenchielove
on: 05/12/2016 | 14:46

@7whales Thank you so much for all that constructive advice, we couldnt get it seen tiday but have booked into local family dealer so hopefully they will look after us, will let you know!

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by: mrwmitty
on: 05/12/2016 | 20:36
Hope you get the car sorted, can be expensive. I have a phone app called Torque and I conect it to my car via a Bluetooth gadget what plugs into the OBD11 socket, it tells me whats up with my car
Take it how you like, It`s meant as a friendly post.
Regards, Walter.
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