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Official Poll Thread - 24th February 2012

Started by: the_joseph
On: 24/02/2012 | 11:45
Replies: 32

by: the_joseph
on: 24/02/2012 | 11:45

This week we are asking you what your favourite genre of music is?


Personally I love my Classic rock, but I also have a soft spot for classical music - in the form of movie soundtracks (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, etc.).

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by: matt_richardson
on: 24/02/2012 | 11:47
House music!

Like the 90's 2000's type of House, uplifting vocal house!

(bring out the glow sticks)
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by: dazjazz
on: 24/02/2012 | 11:53
Hmm. I'm really varied.
I like spaced out sort of sounds (all that alternative stuff), soft/ punk rock, I love film scores, really into my dubstep...BUT
I'm just gonna go with Electro House : daft punk, justice and the like.
You can dance to it and listen to it just chilling around Smiley Tongue
Hope I've Helped Smiley Happy
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by: hamishlaw
on: 24/02/2012 | 12:06

So far lived through and wallowed in Punk, New Romantics, House before settling on Indie - I have had some well dodgy haircuts through the years Smiley Embarassed

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by: djwolfy
on: 24/02/2012 | 12:24
i used to be a massive punk i even dj'd and produced drum and bass for a while but atm i'm crazy loving ambient and just chilled guitar chords so sweet =]
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by: vorb
on: 24/02/2012 | 12:37

I'm not sure Iron Maiden count as rock or heavy metal but they are my favourite band of all time.

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by: zerodudex333
on: 24/02/2012 | 13:30

I like pretty much every genre of music Smiley Happy

If someone can express themselves through music, i'd like to hear it


At the moment my favourite genre of music is melodic dubstep, stuff like blackmill and phaeleh Smiley Happy

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by: bdh1987
on: 24/02/2012 | 14:03

I love trance, mainly uplifting because it related to classical music in some ways. Good solid tracks such as Andy Blueman's tracks are a great example.

I am a little bored of dance music with the same melody repeated over and over.

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by: paulm1
on: 24/02/2012 | 17:54
Alabama Shakes, catch them before they get huge
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by: wman2
on: 24/02/2012 | 21:30
I seem to be the only person who prefers jazz! I love most music - classical + baroque, jazz, rock, drum and bass, opera, folk and even a bit of pop, but jazz tops them all.
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