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Oscar Pistorius Innocent or Guilty

Started by: commotion
On: 07/04/2014 | 18:52
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by: commotion
on: 08/04/2014 | 10:15
So no one thinks he might be innocent....
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by: helenrichards
on: 08/04/2014 | 17:12

He;s doing himself zero favours with his put on crying and wailing. He's either an incredible actor or guilty as sin. I dont think theres any middle ground. Also why fire four shots. He is completely guilty and needs to man up.

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by: commotion
on: 08/04/2014 | 19:56
Didn't realise so many people think he's guilty
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by: tstanton
on: 08/04/2014 | 19:58

Yes, he is guilty.

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by: jcscollection
on: 08/04/2014 | 20:40

I think he is innocent. What happened about innocent to proven guilty? I know it's in South Africa, but still.


If you had a disability, had an intruder intruding and a gun to defend yourself? What would you do? Leave your girlfriend or whatever with the intruder?

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by: philipss7
on: 08/04/2014 | 20:43
Guilty. He hasn't got a leg to stand on.
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by: emmalouisebarker
on: 08/04/2014 | 20:44
Oh I shouldn't laugh at that @philipss7 but it was a good one 😃
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by: mark1101b
on: 08/04/2014 | 21:43




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by: robpoole01
on: 08/04/2014 | 22:09

Awful tragedy for the Steenkamp family - terrible the way its being trialled in the media 

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by: shueb_ahmed
on: 08/04/2014 | 22:30
Going by what's been said by various media organizations I'd say guilty. But ye , are we being told the full story?
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