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Outage - some members put an R in it

Started by: timwilliams25
On: 08/12/2018 | 19:05
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by: jeank
on: 08/12/2018 | 22:04
@major incident
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by: giffgaff_1986
on: 08/12/2018 | 22:21 edited: 08/12/2018 | 22:23

@timwilliams25 people are just greedy and they expect giffgaff give loads of refund or whatever it is 


some people cant live without phones -_- glue to it 


its not giffgaff fault , giffgaff sky mobile 02  tesomobile were effected.


customers . really cant live without their phone lol


they should be happy they had a day without a service 


 i rarely use my phone . or calls or data.


so please giffgaff give it away Smiley Happy





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by: spiritquest
on: 08/12/2018 | 22:46
Hi, yes it was tough because the fire happenned on a Sunday evening, I watched the pole fo up in flames feom my back bedroom window. We where expecting my son to fly in from Alabama the following Friday. Here we where, no landline, no wifi, the home computer sat idle. I was with O2 at the time and had a monthly budget of 500 mb of data. Our wonderful neighbor gave us his Virgin password, and if we where careful we ciuld get signal towards the back of our house. My son arrived, we tooknoff to Inverness for a week and the following Friday, service was resumed to our home when we returned. Stuff happens, we gotta roll with it!! Enjoy your evening!
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by: patchandcrew
on: 09/12/2018 | 00:34

We need a non-moaners club, this thread would be a great starter for it, well said everyone Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

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by: nefarius
on: 09/12/2018 | 02:49

How many people asked for compensation out of how many? I wonder if anyone died? 

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by: claire1uk
on: 09/12/2018 | 07:00

It's a compensation culture these days, should expect nothing less. 

Id hate to see people in a real crisis. 🙄

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by: majorincident
on: 09/12/2018 | 08:15

@nefarius wrote:

I wonder if anyone died? 

Will we ever know?

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
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by: 4128334
on: 09/12/2018 | 08:39
Good Morning,
I agree with your comments about the rush for compensation, some of the claims I have seen begger belief.
A lot of those posting are stated they have lost business because of the problem and want all monies lost.
These members should receive no compensation as they are breaking giffgaff 's T & C, s.
What a culture we live in when the loss of internet for a day is like the end of the world.
Any compensation offered to me, not that I expect antmy, will go straight to Charity.
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by: standardbearer
on: 09/12/2018 | 09:27
Lets get back to morse code and semaphore flags such as
" England Expects Every Man To Do His Duty." (Joke, well kind of).
Do you know the cause of the fire
To the telegraph pole. Arson?
Was not sharing with high voltage cables was it.
Fortune Favours The Brave S.P.Q.R
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