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Pc Back-up Software (Free) help needed

Started by: jungfreud
On: 31/01/2011 | 10:46
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by: jungfreud
on: 31/01/2011 | 10:46

Hi guys, as you will have guessed from my recent posts re phones I am techno-challenged somewhat Smiley Happy

I have an external Hard drive and want to back up all my files and programmes regularly, but whenever i look at some of the options i get really confuddled!

can anyone suggest a really basic, dummy-proof free option please



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by: rong42
on: 31/01/2011 | 13:52

for backing up files, I tend to just manually copy the files over when I want / need to


what programmes are you wanting to back up exactly?


You might also want to take a look at dropbox

The basic account is free, and gives you 2GB of storage space. Basically you have a Dropbox folder on your computer, and that folder syncs to your Dropbox online. You can then access your dropbox online from any computer in a browser, and you can also add multiple computers to the same dropbox account (making sure you have access to all your files no matter if you are on your laptop, desktop or whatever, without having to transfer them using a memory stick)


I use Dropbox as another backup effectively, just in case anything happens to my external hard drive

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by: jungfreud
on: 31/01/2011 | 14:23
thanks for that mate, very useful. will look at the drop box thing later.
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by: cjtaylor03
on: 31/01/2011 | 14:53
I just saw this and remembered that if you have a hotmail account (if you dont its easy to make one) you can get a skydrive account that comes with 25GB free storage.
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by: rudedog
on: 31/01/2011 | 15:22

Or you could just buy an external Hard Drive and back up the easiest way Smiley Happy You could pick up a 1TB one these days for about £45, or cheaper if you want a 500GB.

Reach for the stars if anyone has helped you Smiley Wink Also Accept the best Solution Smiley Happy
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