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Please help support Autism Update. IN THE PAPER!!

Started by: flaxvert
On: 27/10/2013 | 19:24
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by: flaxvert
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:24 edited: 07/01/2014 | 23:28

Here is the latest press release in our local paper! Thank you all for voting xx



Smiley Very HappyAbsolutely AMAZING! Thanks a million to each and every one of you that voted to put GANF in front and win the £1000 donation! Love to you all from me and mini flax x

(see the right hand side for winners)


I will keep you informed as to what adapted gym equipment the school purchase for the special needs little people Smiley Happy 

I have given you all a shout out on the GANF facebook page


One of the teachers is doing a sponsored swim if anyone is interested, I will be donating of course, but thought i would just giver her a mention because she is nuts!




                         Thank you for helping my school

                                            love from Mini flax





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 Grantham Additional Needs Federation are up for a reward and as GANF involve my autistically fab boy Mikey I'm hoping you can take a minute to vote for his charity. a grand is up for grabs Smiley Very Happy

Voting will remain live until Monday 18th November at 12noon.


Many thanks and love to you all!  Flax and mini flax x


Mini flaxs' school is here

Please post the following message on your facebook and twitter walls:


Please vote for my friends charity, Grantham Aditional Needs Federation


Grantham Additional Needs Federation 


If you wish to know more about GANF then a great place to start is with the facebook page  Click HERE




(mini flax chucking wet leaves at me)


60 votes needed Smiley Happy


Well it WAS 60 needed, but as you are all doing such an incredible job you have caught up and then some!! Smiley Happy




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by: computekbrain
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:29

I have put a vote in for them, good luck Smiley Happy

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by: natasha_smith
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:29
Done flax, very best of luck Smiley Happy
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by: aj247
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:31
Done Smiley Happy best of luck
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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:31
Done mate. Hope you win but a little behind first.
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by: flaxvert
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:35

Awsome thanks peeps! Hopefully spreading it about on here and Facebook will push GANF in front of the rest Smiley Happy I'm contacting other family and friends from everywhere to vote as well! 

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by: viv3
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:38

voted good luck Smiley Happy

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by: sbernard1
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:49 edited: 27/10/2013 | 19:55

Done YOU NEED about 60 votes 69 


Grantham Additional Needs Federation
Grantham Mencap
Join us Folding for a Cure! www.
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by: pr08rad
on: 27/10/2013 | 19:51
come on folks lets get this done !
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