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Red Bull, Monster, Relentless, EQ8 energy drinks

Started by: hugsandhope
On: 07/04/2013 | 13:50
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by: hugsandhope
on: 07/04/2013 | 13:50

Dear Giffgaffers,


I was wondering what giffgaffers personal experience with these energy drings were. Good or bad, long-term good or bad.


There are so many on the market and in other countries such as France they have been banned. I just wondered what people thought of them and which ones they have found most effective or damaging.


There are so many brands and flavours out there e.g.


Red Bull






or do people still find Lucozade is the best? Any particular type of Lucozade?


Anyone tried coconut water and found it to be any good?


Anyone tried EQ8 and found it to be any good?





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by: fordaz
on: 07/04/2013 | 14:26

I prefer monster to red bull, but tbh all these "Energy Drinks" are a con.  You can get 5 times as much caffiene from a pot of coffee and it costs about 1/10th of the price.


Lucozade is good if you're actually active, it's packed with carbohydrates and glucose which keeps you going when your muscles start burning glucose instead of oxygen.

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by: piratehooker82
on: 07/04/2013 | 18:16
Can't beat original lucozade, can't stand the orange flavour one
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by: nosh2
on: 07/04/2013 | 18:24
i like redbull Smiley Happy my fav energy drink buh ith bad for people health
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by: paramount7force
on: 07/04/2013 | 18:25
i like rock star guava im having one right now. puts me to sleep though
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by: govgaff
on: 07/04/2013 | 18:40
Is it true Red Bull or other energy drinks contain bull sprem extracts? I've never looked further into this.
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by: fordaz
on: 07/04/2013 | 19:10

There's an old wives tale that Taurine comes from bull sperm, but it's not true.


It actually comes from bull bile Smiley Very Happy


Nah I'm joking. It's a naturally occuring acid, but it was first discovered in bull bile (hence the name Taurine, from the latin name for Bull; "Taurus")


The stuff in energy drinks is synthetic.


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by: pr08rad
on: 07/04/2013 | 19:13
So it doesn't actually give you "wings" ???they should just say " red bill...... Gives you the horn" Smiley Tongue
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by: aj247
on: 07/04/2013 | 19:15
I like monster and relentless brands now days, they never give me any boost tbh but good for the taste Smiley Tongue
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by: paulthomas007
on: 07/04/2013 | 19:31 edited: 07/04/2013 | 19:32

Lipovitan from the Far East was the first energy drink I believe............


In the 90's it was claimed it contained Traces of Cocaine. Always used to give me a mega boost when I started to fade !!  It comes with a warning on the bottle of maximum of 2 per day and under no circumstances to be drunk if Pregnant


Not sure if you can actually get it in the UK.........

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