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Replacing kitchens

Started by: alisonkrystinasmith
On: 11/05/2015 | 22:14
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by: alisonkrystinasmith
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:14
how costly is it to get replacement doors and workrooms vs the cost of a total kitchen refit?
Moving soon and toying with the idea of both
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by: 1992chris
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:17 edited: 11/05/2015 | 22:18
I think we need a little more info
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by: paramount7force
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:19
I've no idea sorry hope someone else can help u.
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by: gb2774
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:20
Sometimes it is not as expensive as you would imagine, Shop around for the best price.
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by: toontz65
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:29
@alisonkristina we used a company called dream doors and had all new cupboard doors and drawers replaced with new sink, worktops and they fitted a magic cupboard that fits in a corner and a double revolving shelf and it cost us £5000 the cheapest quote for a whole new kitchen was £12,000 ? Worth considering I think
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by: paramount7force
on: 11/05/2015 | 22:30
Now there's a few things I could do off the top of my head with £5000.
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by: alisonkrystinasmith
on: 12/05/2015 | 22:15
Ouch, I think for 5k we might as well be better getting a whole new kitchen than doors! Gulp.

Roll on moving home next week
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by: klmwong
on: 13/05/2015 | 07:26

we refitted our small kitchen so saved on labour. cost £2500.


did the work ourselves so saved a lot of money.


kept the kitchen sink and changed everything else.


bought carcasses and doors and handles from b and q and other things from all sorts of different shops.


if you are happy with the carcasses then maybe best just to chnage the doors and handles and it will feel like a new kitchen but if the carcasses are dirty or old or something wrong then change those too.


our work tops were a few hundred pounds too. deep and heavy so cost more than we expected but you can get lighter and cheaper ones.

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by: alisonkrystinasmith
on: 13/05/2015 | 07:31
Thanks @klmwong - that's kind of what we would like to do if we can stretch to it.
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