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Roman Catholic Church vs. Salvini

Started by: tradertall
On: 10/12/2018 | 10:06
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by: tradertall
on: 10/12/2018 | 10:06

Italian priests have declared their willingness to “open the church doors of every single parish” to people expelled from reception centres as an anti-immigration law from Italy’s rightwing government threatens to make thousands homeless.


When police arrived at the reception centre in the southern Italian province of Crotone to force out a family and their six-month-old baby, Father Rino Le Pera, the regional director of the Catholic charity Caritas, drove them himself to a new home.


“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he told the Guardian. “They were about to put a six-month-old child on the street. Six months old! Can you imagine?”

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