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Sainsburys Interview

I got interview with sainsburys in Maidenhead in 2 days time and was wondering if you work for sainsburys what sort of questions they asked you on interview if you dont work for saindburys if you know anything about the interview please tell it would be helpful Smiley Happy



Thanks in advance

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Re: Sainsburys Interview

Why do you want to work for us at Sainsburys?
May be a common question that should be asked.
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Re: Sainsburys Interview

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

What do you know about Sainsburys?

Google common interview questions, should help you out 😃
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Re: Sainsburys Interview

What are your strong points?


What are your weak points?


If you were taken on here, what benefits would you bring?

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Re: Sainsburys Interview

I don't work at sainsburys but I would imagine?

How would you deal with a complaint from a customer? I would offer a replacement or a refund for the item an apologise and try my best to diffuse the situation if I could not deal with it I would inform a team leader or manager.

Give us a time where you have worked as part of a team? Give a situation.

What can you offer sainsburys?

Say your keen and enthusiastic and enjoy meeting people.


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Re: Sainsburys Interview

two of the awkward questions will be:

What can YOU offer SAINSBURYS?

Tell us about a time when something went wrong, and what did you do to put it right..



Do your homework, find out as much as you can and remember as much as you can.

Also it isnt a test, they want to find out about you.

And wear some appropriate clothing! not Tshirt n Jeans.. you'd be surprised!

and Reading TV and Cinema are not hobbies, they are past times.


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Re: Sainsburys Interview

I had an interview about two years ago. The guy just asked general, informal questions and then played a video. I had to answer questions (on paper) about the video and customer service, it was a sort of quiz. The interviewer told me the answers to write down when I said I was unsure. 20 minutes after the interview he called to offer me the job (but I decided I didn't want it). The interview took over an hour but they had me waiting 35 minutes before the interviewer had time to interview me. I hope it goes well for you!
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Re: Sainsburys Interview

Best of luck to you matey.

Hope you get the job. Smiley Happy
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Re: Sainsburys Interview

Customer service is the key. Read up on that, common scenarios, ways of dealing with difficult individuals, working to orders but/and as part of a team.

All the best sunshine
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Re: Sainsburys Interview

good luck with it

and good luck with the test


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