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Saving Light

Started by: richybluecfc
On: 29/07/2018 | 10:07
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by: richybluecfc
on: 29/07/2018 | 10:07

I've thought about this for several months now. I've been going through many mixed emotions, and self-harm difficulties for many years now. It really got a grip this year after several circumstances that have changed after last year or so. I'm now seeking professional help with my emotions and am starting to feel myself again.


We all think we can do it on our own to a certain extent but then find it too overwhelming then we have to reach out and be someone's ”Saving Light”. Some of you will have seen my ”My Giant Leap” post which was my start again. We all have that someone who is their light. We can all help one another by sharing what you want, giving your own wisdom and comfort. I am pretty open with my feelings. I have to be honest that I feel most confident here to share my heart with you and my heart is yours to those who need a ”Saving Light”


So by all means share what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes letting go is the best medicine but always the most difficult I've found. Much love to one and all. Rich xx 💙
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by: kayden16
on: 29/07/2018 | 10:31
@richybluecfc , I cant begin to image the pain you must feel. So glad that you have reached out for professional help and i hope it really helps you . You are taking steps in the right direction Smiley Happy
I do have a few health problems , like kidney failure , Copd , osteoarthrtis just to name a couple Smiley Very Happy that get in the way but I am a very positive person so I just live day by day and get on with life.

Good luck to you xx
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by: richybluecfc
on: 29/07/2018 | 14:25
@kayden16 yes it has been tough but I’m taking small baby steps to get by slowly again. Yes getting on with life is positive thinking so I applaud you for that 👍 I’m learning to try and not to take things too seriously and enjoy life 😄 keep smiling much love Rich 💙
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by: ellieclarke1989
on: 29/07/2018 | 15:45
I am glad you have reached out
You are strong 💪
Just keep reaching out for help
Keep taking it one step at a time and you will be okay 👌
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by: richybluecfc
on: 04/08/2018 | 09:58
@ellieclarke1989 it is tough as often my emotions are all over the place. I have often thought whether I'm slightly autistic as struggle at times but am certainly not going to get down over it. It will always be a slow process but each baby step is a success for me personally 👍
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by: goofygirl
on: 04/08/2018 | 10:03
Fabulous thay you have the strenght and positivity to reach out for help. And i do love the saving the light. We all need light in our life. Good luck
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by: msmon55
on: 04/08/2018 | 11:01

@richybluecfc you are so strong, it takes real strength to open up to others and especially to ask for help. The fact that you are strong enough to do that, I believe bodes well for your overcoming your difficulties. Wishing you every success and happiness.

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by: basil1921
on: 04/08/2018 | 16:55
' I'm now seeking professional help...'

I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you saying we should seek professional help? 'Sharing' our heart with anyone not a professional doesn't help, from what you say.
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by: frenchielove
on: 04/08/2018 | 17:28

Good luck @richybluecfc you know I follow your other thread, but this is great. I am sure if you can offer any help and advice to others, having been through what you have, you will do so. Sometimes, people just need to feel they can reach out, and chat, apart from their professional help that they may be getting. You are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself 🤗

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by: richybluecfc
on: 05/08/2018 | 08:17 edited: 05/08/2018 | 08:22

@frenchielove @kayden16 @msmon55 Not everyone will totally understand where I'm coming from and totally get that. Been having some talking therapy sessions lately which are helping me to see things more clearly now. I've always needed that guidance but haven't asked for it as thought I can do things on my own. Over the last few years things have become more difficult. Self harming and me often retreating in within myself because I can't express myself clearly.

I totally understand that not everyone will totally get what I'm saying. Occasionally we have to read between the lines so to speak. Due to my condition, I have learned throughout my life that I've needed that extra support that I thought I didn't need at first glance.

I constantly struggle with understanding from others at times but it's an ongoing process which I know I'm winning. I used to be a shut book once but have learnt to open up more.

I often feel I'm more female oriented than male I guess because of how I feel and that's where the conflict comes in. I'm not the usual type of man so to speak, Can't stand confrontation, can seem very quiet but show more empathy and compassion and just love to be there for others who need it. Feel more vulnerable than most men but I take that as a good thing as can open up more easily and sharing with you all gives me personally a sense of relief with my ongoing difficulties.

I am always a beginner, always learning. Thanks to everyone who has got to know me through the years you are like family. Rich will keep going taking those baby steps, hearing and listening to what everyone of you says. It is most appreciated 🙏 xx
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