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Service for Lyra McKee - the shame of our politicians

Started by: andyslc
On: 24/04/2019 | 18:48
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by: andyslc
on: 24/04/2019 | 18:48

The video in this link: worth watching because it lays shame at the feet of the politicians. Look at the reaction of Arlene Foster. Does she have any shame is what I ask myself? 

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by: frenchielove
on: 24/04/2019 | 19:01

Watching on the news @andyslc so very sad 

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by: andyslc
on: 24/04/2019 | 19:31 edited: 24/04/2019 | 19:32

@frenchielove incredibly. The speed with which people were caught does make me believe that perhaps this was too much even for the NIRA and that the alleged perps were shopped by their own side.


On the video I have never seen a standing ovation in a church let alone at a funeral. 

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by: goofygirl
on: 24/04/2019 | 20:00
Fabulous speech by the priest
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by: andyslc
on: 24/04/2019 | 20:08

Wasn’t it just and with just the right audience. No pressure Smiley LOL

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