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Started a new diet today...

Started by: andyslc
On: 18/09/2017 | 12:44
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by: 7whales
on: 22/09/2017 | 22:24 edited: 22/09/2017 | 22:26

@andyslc. Glad to hear that you've made it to the point of them releasing you and your getting safely home. Good thing your boxing match with Mike Tyson only lasted five rounds. He's been known to get hungry and start snacking on opponent's ears for dessert. Did you double check to be sure that both your ears were attached fully, prior to your outchecking from your quarters in the hospital?


As in "Don't leave home without them".


Sorry to hear that you're fully PO'd at the hospital. But remember it's better to be PO'd then p'd on.



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by: andyslc
on: 23/09/2017 | 05:54
Both ears still attached @7whales though they did give me something to knock me out the night before and I found a loose bit of string behind my left ear this morning. Not sure if I should pull at it or not?

Your last sentence, sound advice as ever. Thanks for mak8ng me smile. Not quite so POd after bending the doctors ear before I left. Strangely there was no string behind his ear.
Veni vidi dormivi
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by: 7whales
on: 23/09/2017 | 09:11

@andyslc. Perhaps don't be rushed into pulling that string behind your ear. First be sure wherein it leads to before doing the pullification, in case it's attached to your typing hand, making it difficult to type on here. Or if it's mouth tied, which those docs decided to do because you'd given them too much botheringsome bothers. Just be careful.


Glad you're okay and recuperating comfortably at home, from whence you can continue to fight the good fight, whatever that may be.


Keep strong and stay well.



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