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Stuck at Counsellor

Started by: panther97
On: 29/01/2011 | 13:35
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by: sammf
on: 29/01/2011 | 13:46
Don't see why the ranks bother people. Let a lone bore people (Not directed at you personally Panther).

To me, it's just some words, a recruit could be more helpful then say the highest rank on the forum, but because the ranks say different, people assume differently and prehaps act towards lower ranks differently?
Again, not directed at anyone directly or personally.
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by: xmob
on: 29/01/2011 | 14:11

Other than bragging rights, does it really matter?

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by: sloz
on: 29/01/2011 | 14:12
You need very few tags. Its length of time that your short of in the creterias for moving up just now
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