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The Home-Made Christmas Thread

Started by: kath72
On: 20/10/2018 | 20:15
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by: untz
on: 21/10/2018 | 06:49

Yep I have started making jewellery for the females (and one male who wears it) in my family. I mainly use wire and thread beads 📿 on to it. I normally use silver plated wire but have been experimenting with rose gold coloured wire. I have also been making wire hearts - these sound simple to make - in some ways they are, but they can also be a pain to put together. People seem to like those. I've also been ditching the wire and using beading thread with gemstone chips to make longer necklaces. For the man in my life I have been using wooden beads. It's quite a good hobby. 

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by: frenchielove
on: 21/10/2018 | 07:38

@untz Thise wire hearts look beautiful hanging, I also have a hanging crystal that throws beautiful colours around the room in sunlight. I bet those heart sare really difficult due to the shape? 

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by: smiler48
on: 21/10/2018 | 08:42


These are lovely, what a great idea.  I make chocolates and truffles and put them in to gift boxes for presents.  I also love to bake and make up Christmas bags with squares of tray bakes or biscuits 🍬🍬🍪🍪

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by: kath72
on: 21/10/2018 | 09:57
@nefarious all Christmas makes and baked are welcome in this thread, pictures especially welcome, thanks for this
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by: kath72
on: 21/10/2018 | 09:58
@untz I tried jewellery once but it ended up childish looking 😂. Love to see some photos of your pieces
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by: kath72
on: 21/10/2018 | 10:03
@frenchielove I was looking at sweetie wreaths in the internet, thinking of making one for my office door ... what’s the best way to attach sweets to the cardboard ... not sure my glue gun and chocolate should be mixed 😂😂
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by: frenchielove
on: 21/10/2018 | 10:25

I only ever use wrapped sweets @kath72 which means you can unwrap and eat. And leave the coloured wrapper on the card 

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by: untz
on: 21/10/2018 | 10:31 edited: 21/10/2018 | 10:41

@frenchielove yes the hearts are really hard to get into shape, especially as you have to use quite thick wire and then wrap them with thinner wire with beads on. The final effect is worth the pain though!


@kath72 I will show some pictures of old pieces...I don't want to show my newer pieces in case a potential recipient sees the pics...a couple are giff gaffers too...

10150857370712703.jpgClose up of a structured necklace


10150857388507703.jpgThis one I gave to my mum...


10150878297522703.jpgHair comb with glass beads and shell pearls...



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by: paul_d_
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on: 21/10/2018 | 11:21 edited: 21/10/2018 | 11:26

Oh nice one @nefarius@untz did you make that yourself? Mega impressed ....... loving this thread folks, shows just how talented our members are Smiley Happy

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